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  1. I know it won't happen, but the bears should make an attempt to get Culpepper. Despite his woes last year, he can be a playmaker, and be a steal of a deal if obtained for a reasonable price. Now that he is coming off a major injury, his stock might have dropped, but I don't really want to deal with more qb injuries than we already have.
  2. QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ Jan 1, 2006 -> 07:16 PM) THE Ohio State Penitentiary Thats unneccessary. Ohio State may have had some recent problems but not everybody who goes to OSU is a criminal. What a waste. He had all the potential in the world and blew it. But I guess he gets what he deserves.
  3. kobe's tights are bad, but what about eddy curry's capri pants tights, those were awful.
  4. If Texas beats USC, does sportscenter make 05 Texas: History in the Making?
  5. This might supposed to be in the official college football thread, but let me go on my rant. First off, USC's History in the Making is a part of sportscenter in which Mark May and Kirk Herbstreit debate whether 2005 USC can beat the top 11 teams of the last 50 years. Although this is a good concept, it does not work in my opinion. You cannot compare 2005 USC and 1969 Texas, its ridiculous. While SC's offense can be considered one of the greatest. May and Herbstreit proclaim Leinart and Co. as superhumans that cannot be stopped for less the 40 points. With the predictions Herby and May make, I don't believe USC will be 'beaten'. What do you guys think? Maybe I'm just steamed because they beat the 2002 buckeyes.
  6. We need size. Period. 1)Pray Toronto is stupid enough to trade Bosh. 2)Pray Aldridge drops to us. 3)Trade for Artest - May be stupid, but he's one of my favorite players 4)Trade for Wilcox A Team cannot play 3 small guards, nocioni or songaila at PF, and sweetney or chandler and center and expect to win. Something desperately needs to be done.
  7. QUOTE(The Critic @ Dec 15, 2005 -> 10:20 PM) I love watching people brag about fruit. I don't know why, but that was the funniest thing i have read in about a week.
  8. I was thinking about Ugie after reading ozzie's interview with espn. If he gets out of jail, why not make an offer at him. He is a friend of ozzie, so why not?
  9. Carl Crawford would be awesome, but doesn't anyone want to see what brian anderson can do? If infact we do find a way to make a trade for crawford, is there any chance vazquez is used? I've heard that the d-rays have interest in him and he would be close to puerto rico.
  10. A-Rod is chock full of great quotes..."Therapy is theraputic."
  11. Hell of a game. Good job by both teams. (excluding tosu's special teams)
  12. We may not be the most talented, but we are pretty damn scrappy. Go Bulls!
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