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  1. My first game of the year was the freezing cold game on Thursday. They lost the game but at least I saw them score. I went to 3 games last year and didn't see a single run. 2 of them were shut outs and I left the other game before they scored 1 run in the bottom of the 9th. I should quit going to games...
  2. QUOTE (Leonard Zelig @ Apr 5, 2010 -> 10:34 AM) Can anybody answer this question for me: If I set my AT&T UVerse to DVR a ballgame and the game goes past the scheduled 3 hours, will the recording go through the end of the game or stop at the scheduled time? I doubt it would, you should add extra time to the recording. I usually add 15-30 min extra when recording games.
  3. QUOTE (Leonard Zelig @ Apr 2, 2010 -> 03:54 PM) i guess everybody should just pick the same teams then? You have a good point there...
  4. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Apr 2, 2010 -> 02:53 PM) Jim Caple picking Giants over Twins, way to be different Yeah, and him and someone else picked the phillies to finish out of the playoffs. They must also be predicting a team bus crash...
  5. QUOTE (ScottyDo @ Apr 2, 2010 -> 10:15 AM) Didn't they follow it up with crede's double off the wall as the #2 "moment"? if they're talking about the whole inning, i can agree. if it's just dropped 3rd strike, you're right, that's a pretty lame #2 moment. Especially because of the immense confusion surrounding it as a fan, the moment can't really stick out that well. You're right, I forgot about them showing the double following the dropped 3rd strike. That was pretty crazy.
  6. QUOTE (ScottyDo @ Apr 2, 2010 -> 10:00 AM) I can see that whole game making the list though. When I look back at my fondest memories, that inning ranks pretty high up there. I agree that it was very important and changed the alcs, but I just think there are a couple other big moments they could have put at #2 rather than the dropped 3rd strike.
  7. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Apr 2, 2010 -> 07:46 AM) Moment #2 was flat out wrong. It should have been Podsednik. I agree with you, AJ's drop 3rd strike was not the #2 moment in Sox history...having that as #2 is just pathetic.
  8. Also, Zambrano started yelling at Pierzynski and Cora well before aj crossed home plate and pointed to the sky.
  9. I went to the game with chisoxrd5 and he wanted to leave in the top of the 4th. The only reason he stayed was because i promised him that his favorite player montero would make an apperance in the game.
  10. U forgot "ride 'em hard and put 'em away wet"
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