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  1. I'll admit, Fields has looked a hell of a lot better these last few games than he did earlier this year, or last. Dude had one hell of a game yesterday. Insane that it was the regular season rushing record for a qb. Vick's record stood for like 20 years.
  2. Yep, let's take the guy that the Royals passed over twice to be manager. This really does seem like none of the big names really wanted to come here and the Sox took what they can get. But again, it doesn't matter much because Hahn is still driving the bus. This screams, get ready for the rebuild years. Again.
  3. Thought he should have been traded after last season and my position hasn't changed since. Him not wanting to DH just reaffirms that.
  4. You do realize that on average, we spend far more for heating up here than they do down there, right? This argument is stupid and you know it.
  5. Going to guess that AC is his best friend in the summer.
  6. If it's Ozzie, I don't completely hate it as long as his idiot kids are no where near the team in any capacity.
  7. If Benetti stays, maybe by the end of his next contract he will get half way decent at calling a Home Run.
  8. It is truly amazing for me to see some Sox fans continually s%*# on the '05 team over and over again. We got to see one of the best teams in the past 50+ years go wire to wire and win it all and people still say things like this. A team going wire to wire isn't luckboxing. But this post sums up why most of you that s%*# on that team don't deserve to see another team make it to the World Series cause you can't appreciate a goddamn thing. Absolutely baffling. If you view the '05 team that way, these past few years had to make your head absolutely explode.
  9. If it talks like a clown and looks like a clown...
  10. See ya Tony. Thank you for ruining Sox baseball for many of us these past two years. A new manager is great, but if Hahn stays, who fucking cares. Dude is the worst GM in baseball. Do we really think he is magically going to figure out how to construct a roster finally next season? Unreal that he gets to pick the next manager. This team is basically the Detroit Lions at this point.
  11. If Hahn isn't gone, it really doesn't matter who the next manager is. Once he's gone, almost half of this roster can go, but he absolutely cannot be the one making those decisions. Sure, will it be better without TLR? Without a doubt it would. Still doesn't mean this team, or one constructed by Hahn could win a World Series.
  12. We get it dude, you hate religion. It's fine, that's your right, f*** the church. But bitching about it that hard is no different than those who love it and preach it to others. They are equally as annoying. But also, f*** Dayton Moore.
  13. You can all bet your dicks that if they had swept Cleveland and they were in a position to get into the playoffs, he would have miraculously been cleared by the last series before the playoffs were to start.
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