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  1. This team is better than last years. s%*# on them all you want for not having talent, but I bet they play better as a team than what we trotted out the last couple seasons. Strong defense and fundamental baseball can overcome a lot. I believe. P.S. I am not Chris Getz and I am not high.
  2. Or, you leak a billion dollar ask, to instead go in and ask for roughly half of that. It's all about perception.
  3. Someone should tell him, at least he had a seat at the table, when they decline.
  4. Manfred is really really really bad at his job.
  5. I'll take all defense over whatever last year was. If these guys can play solid defense and fundamentally sound baseball, it'll be 8000% more enjoyable than what we've seen recently. Because clearly prioritizing guys who couldn't play defense worked so well during the Hahn years.
  6. We've all seen Moneyball. But are you all ready for Getzyball???? I am.
  7. Rick Hahn was really really really really bad at his job.
  8. When I was there a little over 15 years ago, it wasn't that great. I'm sure it's changed since. But, during that time, it wasn't that wise to walk around over there at night. We would get alerts all the time of packs of younger kids that were attacking and mugging students if they were out late walking to and from, generally the student center (top right under the long tube). The campus itself wasn't bad, but usually most wouldn't go too far from Crown, to the student center or to their dorms.
  9. Truly amazing that everyone else would have given that much power to him when it comes time to sell. Him demanding that it happens after his death essentially screws the others partners that are still alive as far as the tax hit goes. Though, I would have to imagine others co-owners have a first right of refusal to purchase his part of the team when he does pass. Is it really possible that no one else involved with the team would have the ability to purchase his % and remain as is but with a new figure head?
  10. Jerry doesn't own the entire team. Is he even majority owner?
  11. That's the route I was thinking (trading down to 2 or 3 and drafting Harrison). But honestly, just the thought of this team paying Fields 25-30+ million a year very soon is vomit inducing. The more I've thought about it, the more I feel like you have to reset the clock on a cheap QB for the next four years. Now if the Bears think the top four QBs in this class are pretty similar, you take Harrison at #1. Trade Fields and draft whichever QB is left at #9. Honestly, Whoever they draft at #9 with Harrison is going to be at least as good as Fields was this year. So why not punt on having to pay a mediocre QB big bucks when you don't have to.
  12. I just really feel like Harrison and the best OL they can get at 9, makes the team way better than upgrading Fields with any QB they draft at 1.
  13. I'd be shocked if they do anything before Harbaugh makes a decision after the game. That is, if they are going to go after him.
  14. Best case if the Bears want to drop back is to have New England or Washington jump up to number 1 to get their guy. Obviously, that's if they are sticking with Fields. That way they can still draft Harrison, since there is no way he falls past Arizona. That said, Harbaugh would look real nice on the sideline next year though.
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