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  1. That's a good idea, Rex. I never thought about us just overdrafting players that we like and sign them for less than a regular first round pick in the slot we draft them. If that would be the case, then I wouldnt mind at all having a lot of 1st picks.
  2. I've got a question about offering arbitration to our FA's this year(Colon,Alomar, Everett,etc.) My first thought after we made the trades for Alomar and Everett was, "well, even if we still dont make the playoffs, we'll at least get comp. picks for them." But, I dont think we will offer all of these players arbitration because if we do we might end up having one of them sign with us for more than we'd want them to, or if we offer all of them arbitration, and they all sign elswhere, wouldnt that be 4 first round picks for us, and 3 1st round supplemental picks. If this is the case, then wouldn't we we kinda have too many 1st round/1st round sup. picks to sign. That would be a lot of money in signing bonus' that we'd have to pay, and knowing the White Sox, they probably wouldn't pay everyone. So anyway, here's my question: What do ya'll think the white sox will do about arbitration with our FA's and who do ya'll think we'll offer arbitration to? By they way, sorry if this is kind of a confusing post, I'm kinda in a hurry.
  3. Actually, Anderson still has the lead at .388. But, even if Lee did have the lead, he's only played in 10 of the 28 games so does that still really count?
  4. Actually he was a 5th round pick, Robert Valido was our 4th round pick. But, wtf.... 4th or 5th round, i guess it really doesnt matter.
  5. I really like Brandon McCarthy, and I'm glad to see him putting up such great numbers. I just wish Daniel Haigwood could be pitching too because I think both of them would be a really dominating 1-2 punch at the top of the pitching order.
  6. I totally agree. Did anyone else hear Berman use "And that one landed in Lake Michigan" or something like that and it was the shortest homerun Pujols hit. I think Berman just uses those phrases just to use them and doesnt really care when he uses them.
  7. I'm glad that Loaiza was selected as the starter! Congrats to him, he definitly deserves being the starter with the kind of year he's had after he was supposed to be our 5th starter who could give us 10-11 wins and now he's the ace of our staff.
  8. hahaha , thats funny you asked that because when i saw that kid i jokingly asked my brother the same question.
  9. I really like the future sox website that ya'll made. It is really helpful in filling us in on the white sox prospects. I gotta give props to you and the other writers on futuresox.com. Keep up the good work!!
  10. Aight, thanks. I just like to be able to put faces to these minor leaguers we talk about so I just wanted to know who that was. Thanks again!
  11. HELL YEA!! nice play olivo! i think this makes up for your lack of offensive production...............actually, no it doesnt, but at least you saved a run.
  12. dasox24


    I totally agree with you. I bet not only White Sox fans would rather see Maggs in than Bret Boone, but I think everyone else, except for Mariners fans, would rather watch Maggs in the home run derby than boone.
  13. dasox24


    Does anyone know if it's possible for Maggs to be added to the home run derby, or do they already have enough players in it? I think he should be in the home run derby, especially because he did win the preseason home run derby thing this year.
  14. Could someone please tell me what player is in this pic?
  15. I hope he come back soon! I cant wait to see what kind of numbers he puts up
  16. thanks rex! I was so excited to see how Schnurstein would do this year. It sux that he had to get hurt.
  17. I was just wondering why Micah Schnurstein has only played in 12 of Great Falls' 23 games this year, especially after he had such a great year at Arizona last year. Also, to me, he looks like the only real 3B prospect for Great Falls, so back to my question: why hasnt he been playing much for Great Falls? thanx
  18. Wait, did Wily Mo Pena sign a major league contract when he was drafted because I just remembered hearing something about that when he was drafted but I didnt know if he ended up signing one. If he did sign a major league contract, i guess that would explain why so many people seem against picking him up. By the way, thanks for all the feedback!
  19. I think there can be 2 trades made that would help our team now and in the future. 1st Trade: White Sox trade: Bartolo Colon Kelly Wunsch Joe Borchard Reds trade: Austin Kearns Chris Gruler Wily Mo Pena 2nd Trade: White Sox trade: Damaso Marte Frank Thomas Yankess trade: Nick Johnson Mark Phillips In the Reds trade we give them an ace pitcher that can help them clinch a very tight NL central division, a solid reliever, and Joe Borchard. Basically, in this trade, we are trading a player(Borchard) for another player who is a lot like Borchard(Kearns), but the only difference is is that Kearns has shown he can hit ML pitching and Borchard hasn't. We also get back two top prospects in return who are both high risk but high reward players. Pena has drawn comparisons to Sammy Sosa, and Gruler could be a very good #1-2 starter. In the Yankees trade we give them major bullpen help in Marte and a rejuvanated Frank Thomas and we get back a young, solid hitting 1B and a young good pitching prospect. Any feedback on these trades would be appreciated, whether it is bad or good. thanks
  20. If Powell hasnt gone yet, then we should draft him just so we'd have a chance to sign him. Though, he probably wouldnt sign. Also, thanks for the constant updates Cerb.
  21. What happened this year to Kyle Bakker from Georgia Tech? He was supposed to be a high-mid first round pick in this years draft, but he had an average year, and now I havent even seen him mentioned as a top 3 round pick. Does anyone know if he was hurt or did he just struggle really badly this year?
  22. Here are some players I think the Sox should look at drafting in the first 4 rounds(I'm not saying we're going to draft all these guys, i'm just listing players who we might be able to draft). Round 1(15)- L-L Brad Snyder - OF - Ball State Junior 6-2 200 Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American in 2001 ... Nice mixture of size and speed for an outfielder ... Registered 14 homers and 61 RBI while hitting .405 in 2003 ... Drew a team-high 49 walks ... Second in the Mid-American Conference with 68 runs scored ... Also registered a MAC-high 25 doubles during his junior campaign… Snyder is one of the top hitters in the draft… He's patient with good bat speed and plus power potential, though he strikes out more than you'd like to see at this level… Athletically, he's no worse than average with every tool and should end up in right… His ability to come back from career threatening injuries two years ago is indicative of his work ethic. L-L Nick Markakis - P - Young Harris JC (Ga.) Sophomore 6-2 185 A left-hander with tremendous arm strength for pitching and excellent hitting skills ... Compiled a 12-0 mark with one save and a 1.68 ERA this past season ... Walked 33 batters, but had 160 strikeouts ... Teams hit just .182 against him ... Best pitch considered his fastball, as he was clocked early in 2003 at 96 mph ... Breaking ball in the low 80's ... A two-time Georgia Junior College Player of the Year...Was Baseball America's National JUCO Player of the Year in 2002 ... Hit .439 this season with 21 homers, 92 RBI ... Struck out only 19 times with 45 walks ... Slugging percentage was .843 and his on-base percentage was .541 ... Stole 19 bases in 20 attempts ... Holds the Young Harris record for homers, RBI and strikeouts as a pitcher ... Projected as a pitcher for now, but could also be put into the field as an everyday player due to incredible hitting talent. R-R Craig Whitaker - P - Lufkin HS (Texas) Senior 6-4 180 Right-hander who can throw in the 90's without too much trouble ... Had a 14- strikeout no-hitter in April and his fastball topped out at 98 mph. in early May … Whitaker has really come on of late. He's a very projectable 6-4 with three pitches - a plus low 90s fastball with nice run (that has hit 98), plus 12-6 curve, and developing changeup. He should be attractive enough to enough teams in the draft to keep him from his college commitment to Texas A&M and could go surprisingly early. Round 2(15)- Anthony Gwynn – OF - San Diego State Junior 6-0 185 Son of former major league star Tony Gwynn, who is his coach at SDSU .. .A 2003 Baseball America preseason first-team All-America selection...Started all 61 games for the Aztecs this past season and hit .359 with team-highs of 97 hits and 126 total bases. He also had 38 RBI ... He showed no power this season and is primarily a singles hitter who sprayed balls to all fields ... Good defensive CF with natural instincts and good speed ... Is not as polished a hitter as his Hall of Fame caliber father but is fairly selective at the plate with decent gap power ... With any other name he would likely be taken in the fourth or fifth round, but being a Gwynn will probably place him in second round ... Some scouts think he will be a better pro than college player ... Also the nephew of former major leaguer Chris Gwynn. Ben Harrison – OF - Florida Junior 6-4 205 Second-team pre-season All-American according to Baseball America ... Five-tool college prospect ... Started 53-of-54 games for the Gators this season and hit .347 with 10 home runs and 53 RBI. He also stole 14 bases and had a .433 on-base percentage ... Three-percent body fat on a sculpted frame ... Strong and runs well, both on the basepaths and in the field ... Perceived as a mistake hitter with decent bat speed ... Arm and discipline at the plate are only question marks ... No outfield assists this season and committed four errors. He led the team with 45 strikeouts ... Never really stood out at a major program ... He still could go as high as the second or third round to a team that prizes athleticism and believes it can teach him to make more contact. Round 3(15)- Tony Richie – C - Florida State Junior 6-1 205 Offensive-minded catcher with great upside on defense ... Hit .362 for the Seminoles during the regular season with 10 home runs and a team-leading 69 RBI ... Also had 23 doubles, 52 runs, a .568 slugging percentage and a .434 on- base percentage ... Had only one passed ball, while throwing out 44 percent of runners ... Owns average arm strength, but handles a pitching staff well, as evidenced by Florida State's team ERA of 2.77 ... Named to Baseball America's second team preseason All-America team ... Fifth-round pick of the White Sox out of high school. Jarrod Saltalamacchia – C - Royal Palm Beach HS(West Palm Beach, Fla.) Senior 6-4 195 Extremely athletic, switch-hitting catcher that shows good bat speed and power from both sides of the plate ... Also shows good tools for behind the plate, including quick feet and a strong arm ... While high school catchers are considered extremely risky picks early in the draft, Saltalamacchia's overall potential may be just too good to pass up in the second or third round ... Committed to Florida State. Round 4(15)- R-R Stuart Pomeranz Houston HS(Memphis, TN) Senior 6-7 218 The best pitching prospect coming out of Tennessee ... He went 9-0 with a 0.11 ERA while averaging two strikeouts an inning ... Stronger body at 6-foot-7 and 218 pounds to go with a deeper and more consistent repertoire then fellow Tennessee pitcher Adam Trent ... He threw in the low 90s every time out and showed good depth on his breaking ball ... Committed to Chipola Junior College, so the lack of a big Division I commitment will likely allow him to be a relatively easy sign in the early rounds. For any of you draft wizards out there, do these picks seem possible, and are any of these players too high or too low in the draft. thanks
  23. Yea, LaMura pitched for Clemson last year.
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