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  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! that would be awesome! someone needs to email Hawk somehow and tell him to say that
  2. NOw come on, Jason...you know that I know what state Myrtle Beach is in...not in North Carolina. See, shows how well I got this planned. I got everything charted on the map and all that stuff though. August 3rd Long Drive from Chicago August 4th Charlotte August 5th Myrtle Beach August 6th Kann August 7th Kann August 8th WS August 9th WS August 10th Long Drive to Chicago Sounds like a pretty fun trip. Here's a suggestion(even though it has nothing to do with the white sox): if anyone is in Memphis, TN they should check out Autozone Park. The AAA All-Star game was played there this year. It is the best minor league ballpark and is very fan friendly. I go to games at Autozone Park whenever I visit my cousins that live there, and they're pretty fun to go to. Anyway, its just a suggestion.
  3. I've given up on him, I mean, he only has a .290 SLG% in rookie league
  4. Yes Maggs! 2 hits in a row! come on Carl
  5. Alright Carlos! we finally got a hit off of Cy Escobar.
  6. HAHAHA!! I hope he pitches again tonight.
  7. Damn, 2-0 bad guys. come on guys, lets win this one!
  8. correction, 2 walks now, AMAZING!
  9. WOW, Cy Escobar actually walked someone
  10. Kielty strikesout to end inning. 1-0 bad guys at end of 4 Good inning Jon, keep it up!
  11. Myers ground out into a DP! alright,alright,alright
  12. Amen to that. By the way, i like the sig flash tizzle
  13. hey, at least Everett didnt strikeout
  14. can we freakin hit the ball? i mean come on guys, i didnt know we were facing Cy Escobar here
  15. Damn Frank! that's 2 k's in 2 ab's
  16. Wells grounds out to end the inning. 1-0 bad guys, top of 4th comin up
  17. 1-0 bad guys. man on 3rd, 2 out
  18. Crede- strikeout Olivo- strikeout(on 3 pitches) Alomar- single to center Lee- popup 0-0 at mid. of 3rd
  19. Delgado-groundout(i think) Myers-single to left Kielty- pop up to short Hinske-strikout End of 2nd
  20. HAHAHAHA!!!! LMAO!! That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. My brother thought it was funny as hell too.
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