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  1. i saw it..i liked signs and sixth sense too....imo its better than signs but not as good as 6th sense...its not difficult to figure out the ending but it does have some interesting twists...giving it a letter grade = B
  2. i really enjoy the worship service at family harvest church in tinley park..they have a choir and band that is unbelievable...these are singers and musicians that could sing or jam with any rock band...its really spirit filled...anyone who likes good music would appreciate this worship team..the day i went kenneth copeland was a guest speaker..really cool experience went to dr.summerall's church in south bend a few times...thats an awesome place to worship too..you can really feel the preseance of the Lord.. the church i go to now , abundant life in rolling meadows really helps keep me centered..just a small church that has its priorties in place... ive checked out a lot of religions but the only place ive really felt welcome have been spirit filled churches
  3. i dont know if it would make a difference to anyone who didnt know...larry elder is black
  4. baggio202

    My dad

    great news!!..sorry i came to this thread so late...God is the great physician..im sure he heard all the prayers being sent of your father's behalf...ill be praying that he continues to have a full recovery.. God bless and take care ..keep us updated please
  5. baggio202

    The Village

    warning..im giving the ending away with this post..so if you are going to see it and dont want to know what happens..stop reading now i saw it and i liked it alot...the end was pretty easy to figure out..at least the basic he was trying to get accross..i dont think he meant to fool us to the end because he gave too many clues that they were living in this century...the acting itself imo was supurb..the actress that played the blind girl (dont know who she is) was awesome..her character stole the movie... i think people are disappointed because it was billed more as a horror flick..thats what i was expecting but its really a character study in sociology...universities will probably be using this film for study for years to come.. if you are looking for something thats not your run of the mill shoot um up story or a sappy love story...this is a pretty good bet imo
  6. i know in '00 after the sox clinched in minny the GUG was there and he was invited into the sox clubhouse to party with the team..carlos lee told him the guys really appreciated what he did to get the fans behind the team.. what he used to do was before the game he would go around to sections in the lower deck and yell 'get up' to everyone...so everyone would be standing and applauding the sox as they came out onto the field givng them a standing O..early in the '00 season the fans wernt really behind the team and the GUG was credited with warming the fans up to the team...then after they went on 14 day road trip where they kicked the crap out of the twinkies and skanks they sox came back to a sell out crowd that gave them a standing O for about 5 minutes and those standing O's became the norm for the rest of the season.. but sometime in either '01 or '02 , of course the sox wernt having the same success and i heard that some season ticket holders around the GUG (players wives maybe) started going to management complaining he was too loud and management asked him to stop... i know dan too and i echo everything cw said...he is a very nice guy and a great sox fan that lives and dies with this franchise...he really loves white sox baseball
  7. did you ad that ps later??..i swear i didnt see it the first time i read your post or i wouldnt have listed the other guys...if i doubled up anyone..sorry bout that too
  8. switch hitters i usually count as lefty power because youll get somewhere in the neighborhood of 75% of their homers from the left side...so a guy like borchard i would put into that criteria if he reaches potential.. i believe both hafner and gerut have 30 home run potential..if a guy hits 27 or 28 id consider that close enough.. you forgot a few guys.. garrett anderson..he's been hurt this year but in the last 4 years has hit 121 homers steve finley 23 homers right now shawn green - power numbers down a little but has 3 - 40plus homers seasons and another 35.. hidecki matsui is on pace for 30 bobby abreau , 22 right now , that gives philly 2 guys there are other guys out there just starting their careers that i would put in there even though they havent hit many homers yet...hee chop soi for one..i think he will hit a ton someday... this scenario is if we were to go into rebuilding mode..so trading guys like lee and konerko who would give us prospects in return so of those prospects shold be left handed power hitters that could hit 30 someday cleveland did it in 2 years...why couldnt we??...it would atleast be in my master plan to put together that type of team
  9. i give garland one more year..by the end of next season if he hasnt shown improvement then he's gone...some guys just take longer to figure it all out..garland has shown that he has good enough stuff to consistently win at the ML level...id want to make sure we gave him every chance to get his crap together before dumping him...
  10. there are guys out there that fit that criteria...every team in baseball has left handed power hitters...except us of course..its a lefties game..how can you say there are none out there???...just look at how many cleveland came up with in just 2 to 3 years of rebuilding???..but its impossible for us??? at catcher - im not looking for a 300 hitter..just a guy with a little pop..maybe 15 -20 homers...detroit , a team that lost 120 games last year..now has 2.. 2nd baseman...would definately be the hardest position to fill under my criteria...but i dont think its impossible either.. brian roberts .358 obp , 25 sb's , his name always comes up in trade rumors...and with baltimore really having a disappointing year maybe a deal could be worked for a guy like that...or if we are rebuilding you can get a top prospect from somebody that has that kind of potential...there has to be some 2nd baseman with lead off abilities in the minors.. also a guy like chone figgens 359obp , 21 steals , could easily adjust to playing 2nd base...anaheim's not gonna trade him (i dont think anyways)..but there could be other guys like him out there that just need the chance that could transition to 2nd base... if we showed maggs the money , he'd stay im not saying it would be easy..but it wouldnt be impossible either
  11. ive always like larry elder...most everything i read from him is filled with common sense
  12. id believe its time for an overhaul if we dont rebound and catch the twinkies.. one of the positives out of that would be if we traded off both konerko and lee for prospects or young major leaguers we would then have plenty of money to re-sign maggs...provided this problem he has isnt considered a chronic problem... doesnt frank have the right to pick up an option for about 6 million this year??..because of the injury im sure he takes advantage of that so the sox have him whether they like it or not. ideally id like something like this c - solid defensive catcher with a little pop (i would love brandon inge - someone like him) 1b - 30 plus homers from the left side 2b - 30sb's and 360 plus obp ss - solid defense and some speed (i could live with uribe) 3b - i think it will be crede - matures into a 20 -25 homer guy with a 280 average?? - im hoping) lf - 30 plus homers from the left side - defense too cf - rowand rf - maggs dh - thomas mix and match in the pen with pollitte - marte and shingo back for sure starters - build around buehrle - garcia and garland how long would it take to rebuild a team like that??
  13. the reason i blame ozzie is because on the first pitch they tried to hit and run and willie fouled it off...the hit and run is suppose to be a surprise play so on the first pitch it was a fine because everyone in the infield was on the move thinking willie was gonna bunt.....the tigers were ready for it the 2nd time...trying it 2 times in the same at bat really makes it a low pct play imo...
  14. i love 80's eurotrash , and american trash too!! ... this will be a long list never say never , a girl in trouble- romeo void (that song was in the movie -dodgeball ) rock the casbah , london calling - the clash every little thing she does , bring on the night - the police west end girls - pet shop boys right now , walking in LA - missing persons lovesong , whi cant i be you - cure advice for the broken heart , sowing the seeds - tears for fears too shy - kajagoogoo in a big country - in a big country sweetest taboo , smooth operator - sade a view to a kill - duran duran sunday bloody sunday , new years day - u2 the dead heart - beds are burning - midnight oil she's a beauty - the tubes i ran - space age love song - flock of seagulls slit skirts - pete townsend and we danced - hooters pet semetary , somebody put something in my drink- the ramones c'est la vie - robbie neville
  15. it's funny that she cant see that the same prejudice she hates in others is the exact same thing she portrays herself to be when she makes statements like that...there really is truth to the saying .." the faults you point out in others are the ones you see most in yourself "
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