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  1. QUOTE (Kalapse @ Mar 18, 2009 -> 12:34 PM) Bard has thrown out less than 19% of prospective base runners for his career. He'd fit in perfectly. heh I think that's too good..may make Aj look bad Corky it is!
  2. QUOTE(Athomeboy_2000 @ Sep 23, 2006 -> 02:49 PM) I have officially found my dream home theater set-up. Yes, it's probably a little "over done", but I love the concept! http://www.cedia.net/awards/2006_awards/tt_g.php I always wanted stadium seating...although there's a bit much going on there...
  3. QUOTE(bmags @ Sep 24, 2006 -> 11:14 AM) i don't know, basically every story i heard just involved pooping... What, and that's bad?
  4. QUOTE(MarlinFan84 @ Aug 11, 2006 -> 01:02 AM) Who would win a fight between astronauts and cavemen? Wasn't that in an ep of 'Angel'? I think theye even made strength and weakness's for them on the white board. I would go with the caveman because he probably would have wrestled with saber-toothed tigers and wooly mammoths on a daily basis and an astronaut would be no prob

    Gmail users

    QUOTE(Texsox @ Aug 11, 2006 -> 07:32 AM) I know a number of posters here use gmail, are you noticing a lot of spam not getting blocked? Actually I've been getting alot more spam on one of my main two e-mails this past week and half. I've had it for a year and the spam filter has been doing a good job..But have had about 3 or 4 a day slip by and end up in my inbox. But it's not as bad as my comcast e-mail addresses...Those are horrible..


    QUOTE(SoxFan1 @ Jul 11, 2006 -> 10:34 PM) The most high-tech stuff I have is my 4 gb iPod nano and my Sony Ericsson phone that plays mp3's. Other than that, my computer is like 5 years old, the newest car we have is a 2001 Ford F-150, I don't have Tivo or HDTV, and the only other gadgety stuff is a 5.0 MP Kodak Digital Camera and an Xbox. I'd be dead without my tivo and I still can't see how people watch tv without it..I mean, watching live tv is so 20 years ago Although I don't have a ton of gadgets..I don't own an ipod and my 'puter is 3 years old. I do have sirius sat radio and a GPS unit in my car..pretty much it..and reg Nokia phone that plays immigrant song when it rings..
  7. QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Jun 25, 2006 -> 07:01 PM) Ya, we got a high def tv. Once you have a high def tv than you need to get the box. I'm sure DirectTV has a high def box (probably a bit more expensive than cable since you got to buy it or however that works). It's awesome...I'm never in my room anymore. My tv pails in comparison. If somehow I was able to get all the Sox games in HD, oh my god, who knows what would happen to me Sunday night baseball w/Sox is an extra treat. Sweet...Sox game is on here. I think most people will get it cause Morgan and Miller are announcing it. Only exceptions will be New York and Florida markets. Well, I would be done for, that's for sure. What kind if HD TV do you have and how much did it cost. Also how many inches...(the TV I mean)
  8. QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Jun 25, 2006 -> 06:51 PM) Ya, its awesome. I love it during Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, basically any sporting event, Lost, and a few other shows. Plus HBOHD is great. Our cable company charges like 9.95 a month and we get the high def box (which is also a DVR - best invention ever) so it works great (its like 4 bucks a month more than digital cable). Ah s***..I wonder if DirecTV has something like that. I thought you had to have a HD TV to have HD..but all you need is a high def box? Or don't tell me you're pimpin a high Def TV too. If that's the case I'm gonna have to throw a fit right about now.
  9. QUOTE(Wedge @ Jun 25, 2006 -> 06:50 PM) You should definitely read this Verdi article: http://chicagosports.chicagotribune.com/sp...cs-home-utility That's a good One
  10. QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Jun 25, 2006 -> 06:44 PM) I am gonna be pissed if I don't get my Sox in ESPN high def tonight. Just got home from working all damn day and want nothing more than to relax, cook up some salmon and watch the game. You have HD?!?!?!?!?
  11. QUOTE(Kalapse @ Jun 25, 2006 -> 06:40 PM) It was some woman who appeared to be working for Fox, she was pulling up a chord that was on the ground outside the Astro's dugout. He wasn't paying attention and just walked into her then he turned around and started yelling more toward the field, he seemed upset but I don't think he was yelling at the woman he bumped into. Yeah, that's what i saw..I went over to the Astro's MLB board yesterday to check out the comments cause those troll boards are hilarious....And someone started a thread saying that one of our fans ran on to the field and hit Wheeler. And of course everyone believed it and started bashing us..LOL I think he was so frustrated that he lost the game he just turned around and let out a 's***" or something..
  12. QUOTE(SleepyWhiteSox @ Jun 25, 2006 -> 05:23 PM) Anybody else never find this show funny? This is one of of those shows that I've never seen an entire EP, but everyone around says it's great.
  13. QUOTE(soxunited @ Jun 25, 2006 -> 06:19 PM) My bad, heads beat me to it I am going to be so bold to suggest that Oswalt gets a no decision tonight and the White Sox go on to dominate another NL team Anyone know what the count is now with in regards to AL VS NL. The NL and especially the NL Central is just a laughing stock of crap. Even the Royals looked like world beaters against the Brewers today.
  14. QUOTE(iWiN4PreP @ Mar 25, 2006 -> 02:03 PM) LMFAO. THIS RADIO IS f***ING GREAT. Hey Killa, why you so low?..Guido comin in loud as usual though
  15. QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Mar 22, 2006 -> 07:10 PM) Free...but I'm stuck with my folks. When do you plan to get your place?
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