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  1. Man, that Wise guy sure is fun to watch. Why is he batting so low in the batting order?
  2. So we can see Beckham or so we can score some runs? Or are those the same thing?
  3. How about The Gourd. It's kinda intimidating.
  4. As long as it's not GBeck. Or GB6.
  5. HELL YEAHHHHHHHH. I hope this doesn't mess him up, but I think he'll be fine.
  6. Ozzie's talking about it on 670 right now.
  7. Ugh, I hate when it's on WCIU. I was ready to watch some pregame and had some beer ready... guess it's radio for me tonight.
  8. A win puts the Sox in 2nd place, right? That is unless the Twins make a comeback right now.
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