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  1. lol YOU started all this s*** and yet can't produce a line showing anything. BOX SCORE OF SHIELDS SHOWING IP MORE THAN 5.0 AGAINST RED SOX. Thanks.
  2. Bottom line is whether they're a few under or right at 81 wins...It's not enough. I hate that Shields trade more and more every day. We needed a bat EVERY DAY....NOT A 34 y/o 1 out of 5 who we can argue over...did he go over a "+" inning in a loss? And he's $22M for 2 more f***ing years. Clownshoes.
  3. Well - Gonzalez was great. 7 IP. 2 ER. Exceptional, actually...for a #5. Team has to hit.
  4. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 30, 2016 -> 08:16 PM) /thread No, it's not. I never said "+". I said "more than 5" as in...a recorded line in a box score such as Jose Abreu suggested. CAN YOU LINK A BOX SCORE THAT SHOWS ANYTHING ABOVE 5.0 FOR SHIELDS IN THAT GAME AGAINST BOSTON? CAN YOU????? NO??? /thread.
  5. QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Jun 24, 2016 -> 07:53 PM) EAT THE HAT "Used" to be be my guy. Now: NOT. Thanks alot!
  6. Sorry guys - I set my ceiling expectation at 5 IP and that's what s***ty Shields hit. No getting around it. I'm GLD (Tex) it wasn't 1.2 for 7 runs, but....it was wasn't more than 5 IP. Not sure where this "5 + plus" came from. I said he wouldn't record more than 5 in a discussion about a stat line: 5 IP. He didn't. What else do you want me to do? I realize many are pissed about my comments in the Liberals thread but... ..is what it is. We're talking baseball here (supposedly).
  7. Awesome game. Despite the terrible balk call, still hung in and didn't hang it up. And Robertson - what can you say. That's what a real closer does. Just a great win and fun game to watch. Great night! *And I'm not banned!!
  8. QUOTE (Tex @ Jun 24, 2016 -> 10:38 AM) So you are saying you expected him to be pitching in the 6th inning and not getting any outs? Either way, would you agree he pitched better than you expected? No, I meant exactly what I said. That a line of 7 IP would be a miracle, and more than 5 IP would be "better than expected" (to the degree that I would "eat my hat"). In the end, he met expectations.
  9. Well - I'm sorry you feel it confrontational for me to defend my position and what I actually said. That's not what I'm intending to do. I didn't dig up my own quote from 2 days ago and say, "Look at me....I was right!" That would be confrontational. Instead somebody else did that, they were wrong, and I'm just sticking up for myself.
  10. *Turtle + *Note - First time I even typed "+".
  11. Look - this was the quote I responded to: QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jun 22, 2016 -> 11:07 PM) You heard it here first- James Shields' line tomorrow: W, 7 IP, 2 ER, 2 R, 7 K, 6 H, 3 BB, strikes on 68 of 103 pitches He predicted A STAT LINE OF 7 IP. When I said I'd eat my hat if he goes "more than 5", I'm referring to the above STAT LINE. Check the tape - I even quoted it in my post HERE. You guys want to move the goal posts and argue that walking 2 batters in the 6th and getting pulled constitutes some measure of more than 5 IP, that's YOUR misinterpretation of my response. Unless you can show me something that shows more than 5 IP, arguing otherwise is DEAD WRONG.
  12. QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Jun 24, 2016 -> 09:05 AM) 5+ IP is 5 getting to the sixth, no outs. Otherwise it would be 5.1 IP or 5.2 IP Nobody says 5+ because he walked 2 people in the next inning and got the hook. SMH Pull up James Shields's stats...or any pitcher for that matter. Please point out the "+" innings column where he threw pitches and didn't record any outs.
  13. QUOTE (Tex @ Jun 24, 2016 -> 08:45 AM) Anyone on the roster, any position, anybody going to be playing better next week? Clearly now you are just trying to bait me. I gave you an honest response to your last question; we both know what you're trying to accomplish with this one.
  14. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jun 24, 2016 -> 08:41 AM) I mean, am i really reading an argument about the validity of a bet(and the qualifications of said bet) that ends in someone eating a hat? message boards ftw now and forever. CB2.0 wouldnt have eaten the hat anyways Thank you! I mean, SS2K5 digs up something I said 2 days ago (which was said in jest, really) tries to INCORRECTLY hamstring me with it, and I'm supposed to just take it?
  15. QUOTE (Tex @ Jun 24, 2016 -> 08:33 AM) Stats or common speech? It really doesn't matter. We all know Shields did slightly better than you expected. You are correct that he hasn't been the inning eater from the start that we expected. Since you are doing so well predicting performances are there any players who you think will be doing better over the next two weeks? Or can you only predict players doing poorly? I don't know if we have anybody that can fill that spot better, no. My problem with Shields from the beginning was that I didn't feel it was a deal we needed to do with lack of LH hitting, OF woes, C, RP injuries, and at the time...SS. So I guess in a way, you can say my prediction was that Latos/Danks would be at least as good (bad) as Shields. Ranaudo seems to be doing decently so far...maybe a few more starts under his belt and he can get a look.
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