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  1. Any of my posts about Tony are better
  2. Steven Kwan is what Nick Madrigal was supposed to be.
  3. Good thing we have Pollock's bat in the lineup against a right to make up for that defensive mishap...oh wait
  4. Cairo wasting the challenge in the 1st inning on a losing play. Smh
  5. Make her walk. This is a huge game.
  6. If I remember correctly he hit a 3 run bomb in that game. That is also the Naylor game.
  7. Tony should walk through the CF fence opening, in full uniform, to deliver the lineup card today. Crowd will be on their feet. Tone setter for the series. EDIT: They will need the song to be able to play on loop 3 times before he makes it from CF to home plate.
  8. 17 year anniversary of the Joe Crede walk off vs Cleveland.
  9. For all the BS and all the struggles this season, the Sox have their entire destiny still in front of them with a series at home. Let's see what they are made of.
  10. Well luckily for you, there's still 2 weeks left.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure she was a fine woman.
  12. The Soxtalk moderator/admin hierarchy is an exclusive club of elites. I won't even pretend like I understand the nuances of such a respected system. I am but a mere peasant in comparison.
  13. Maybe if you were a Universal Moderator I'd care more about what you think of me. But you're only a Global Moderator. I'm sure your mom still thinks you're a good boy though.
  14. If Tony is gone the Sox will win 110 games and sweep the playoffs. Or so I was told.
  15. Sox should just sign Rodon and re-sign Cueto. Tender Gio and trade him. Cease Rodon Lynn Kopech Cueto Martin Edit: I know this won't happen but should.
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