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MLB Pipeline Top 30


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Here's a link to the writeup. Callis highlights "an influx of talent in 2022 and the ability to capitalize on the Cuban market."

The list:




  1. Colson Montgomery
  2. Oscar Colas
  3. Bryan Ramos
  4. Noah Schultz
  5. Sean Burke
  6. Jose Rodriguez
  7. Cristian Mena
  8. Lenyn Sosa
  9. Peyton Pallette
  10. Jonathan Cannon
  11. Ryan Burrowes
  12. Norge Vera
  13. Yoelqui Céspedes
  14. Matthew Tompson
  15. Kohl Simas
  16. Jared Kelley
  17. Wilfred Veras
  18. Wes Kath
  19. Tanner McDougal
  20. Nick Avila
  21. Gregory Santos
  22. Luis Mieses
  23. Jonathan Stiever
  24. Jordan Sprinkle
  25. Tyler Schweitzer
  26. Terrell Tatum
  27. Franklin German
  28. Loidel Chapelli
  29. Yolbert Sanchez
  30. Carlos Perez

They're high on Burke and Burrowes compared to other lists.

Part of their Burrowes write up mentions other teams asking for him in trade taks.


Burrows' advanced hitting ability and projectable 6-foot-2 frame give him one of the highest offensive ceilings in the system. He recognizes pitches and manages the strike zone better than most teenagers, repeatedly barreling balls with a sound right-handed swing. He generates high exit velocities for someone so young and could develop at least 20-homer power as he gains strength and experience. 


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I think how high they are on Burrowes demonstrates a) how they like to bet on young players with upside and b) a lack of belief in the middle tier of Sox prospects. At any rate, Kanny will be an interesting follow if some of those DSL guys make it there.

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