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League #2 official thread

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Just to add to the trade discussion...


If someone wants a little more depth offensively, and is willing to give up an offensive stud, I'm game.


Guillen, Young, and Hidalgo are all available, and if I'm getting a 1Bman in return, Ortiz is too. Also, if absolutely needed, Marte and Hasegawa could possibly be worked into the equation.

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NOTE: Anyone who offers me a on-sided trade, in my favor, shall be the recipient of on "officially licenced, Numbered, and signed, The Cheat original sig".


In a related note -- Willie, Ribbie, & Soxnbears, I'm makin' changes to your sigs.... :lol:




Seriously though --- I was thinking we could make this season more interesting...


I'll put this out there ---


Anyone who beats my team, while going H2H, wins an original "The Cheat"....


That's my side of the bet ---- Your end is, in the event that I beat you H2H, you agree to display a signature of my making for the span of one month. This "signature" will no doubt be lame, and will likely feature something you will be ashamed to have attached to all your posts. (think doug minkiewicjdslfkdlkjsf) :D

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