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  1. Bunting is stupid in general, but bunting in front of Leury Garcia is fucking insanity.
  2. Should we publicly address Eaton not looking for his coaches?
  3. We are genuinely at risk of this clown fucking up a beautiful thing, and that makes Willie really sad.
  4. Of course I am not surprised, just absolutely insane we’re in this situation. insane enough to bring me out of retirement
  5. Im sure this was discussed 1mil X...why did Kopcech throw one inning there?
  6. These quotes are fucking insanity...the exact scenario everyone feared when this atrocious hire was made. Man...
  7. This feels like a really bad dream. How TF can this be real life?!
  8. How do you not sub for PR and defense for Nomar now? Even if you do let him hit, that’s a no brainer.
  9. Dyson-Robert-Engel late inning OF D, and a PR threat off the bench. Why not?
  10. This lineup is so absurd I had to come out of hibernation to join the fun
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