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I should know this by now but....


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QUOTE(Felix @ Dec 24, 2007 -> 01:54 PM)
My Controls -> Edit Avatar Settings -> Enter a URL to an online avatar image


Put the URL there, then click "Update Avatar"

Thats exactly what I did but it keeps on giving me error messages about there being no avatar or the Url wasnt correct.I dont know what the hell iam doing wrong.

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QUOTE(greasywheels121 @ Dec 24, 2007 -> 03:29 PM)



QUOTE(shipps @ Dec 24, 2007 -> 03:37 PM)
The box looks blank on my screen,but Iam a computer idiot.



You copied the abbreviated link instead of the full one.


Click the link up there in greasy's post, then copy the URL at the top of your browser there.

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