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  1. Haven't been online in ages, but had to swing by to see the reaction. Never change, boys! Understandable that you guys are disappointed by the return, but you'll fall in love with LaVine soon enough. Dude is going to be a hell of a player in this league.
  2. QUOTE (farmteam @ Sep 6, 2014 -> 12:13 PM) No championship parade down Nicollet Mall this year. Too bad
  3. Hate to break it to you, but the Finals were decided when Phoenix beat the Lynx. That was essentially the WNBA Finals. (no offense to Chicago, who I hope kicks the s*** out of Taurasi and the Mercury)
  4. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Sep 2, 2014 -> 06:03 PM) Faith No More to release their 7th album, first in 18 years Mike Patton should bring back Mr. Bungle instead. They were way better.
  5. QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 26, 2014 -> 10:07 AM) I'm not writing him off, I just find the hype train on the board for this kid ridiculous. He is raw as hell. He left early because he hated Alford, which probably shows good character, but it remains that he didn't play a lot of college basketball, and when he did play that when the conference play began is when all that space to work with disappeared. He might end up great, but he's a project. Unless he made huge strides in the offseason I doubt you see much of a Lavine/Wiggins lineup. What's this 'hype train' you're referring to? As someone that follows the team, there really hasn't been that much hype around him other than some viral stuff around his dunks (which is separate from being a good basketball player.. just ask Derrick Williams). QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Aug 26, 2014 -> 10:15 AM) What did you think about a lot of the "Love isnt a leader", "Love is a 4th quarter wallflower" and "Love is a stat padder" stuff thrown his way as he went out the door? I don't think Love is much of a leader in the locker room, but he's still one of the best 5-10 players in the world (and won't need to lead in Cleveland at all thanks to LeBron). He's also had the worst supporting staff of any superstar (by far) in recent history, and the Western Conference has been extremely stacked. It's not that tough to see why the Wolves haven't made the playoffs during his tenure.
  6. QUOTE (Jordan4life @ Aug 25, 2014 -> 08:46 PM) Oh snap. #thereturn. Hey, felix, how do you feel about the wolves' long-term potential at the moment? Too early to say. I'd like to think it's bright, but given how young this roster is, it's going to take a few years to see what we've really got. Our entire re-re-re-re-re-re-rebuild relies on one of the key guys we added this offseason (mainly Wiggins or LaVine) turning into a star which is unlikely for any 19-year old kid, but given the situation we were in entering the offseason, it's a gamble that probably needed to be taken.
  7. QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 22, 2014 -> 05:05 PM) Yes, would have been great had he showed it in a lower level. Gotta love writing off 19-year old kids that have never played a game in the NBA! #analysis
  8. QUOTE (Chilihead90 @ Jun 17, 2013 -> 10:47 AM) Place Beyond the Pines was a weird movie. Without spoiling it, I'll just say Ryan Gosling does not seem like the main character at all. I loved it. Great storytelling, great visuals (the opening shot alone was superb) and the soundtrack was brilliant (which is no surprise since it was Mike Patton).
  9. QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Jun 5, 2013 -> 09:39 AM) That is true, though except for Britany Greiner, I believe all of the dunks by women have been two-handed, so ball size doesn't matter in that specific case, but yes, it does affect shooting, ball handling, and the ability to dunk with one hand. Brittney Griner* I didn't think it was possible to f*** up that name as much as you did, but congrats. Add in the fact that every dunk (other than Griner) in WNBA history has been one-handed, and your post is just full of all sorts of wrong. QUOTE (ZoomSlowik @ Jun 5, 2013 -> 10:32 AM) If she's arguing about basketball being similar, you're never going to win. There's such a HUGE height difference, a lot of the WNBA power forwards are in the 6'5" range. Also not true. WNBA power forwards (in general) are 6'1/6'2", not 6'5". You are correct that there isn't an argument to the games being similar. They are completely different games. Yes, they're both basketball, but the styles of play in the men's and women's game are dramatically different. Anyone that says otherwise is foolish. I'm not saying one is better than the other, since that's a subjective opinion, but the biggest logic flaw with people who dislike the women's game (especially on these misogynistic forums) is comparing the two sports as if they're the same game.
  10. QUOTE (Steve9347 @ May 17, 2013 -> 02:54 PM) Dude loves to hate on Rose but can see no fault whatsoever in a player on the Wolves. I see many, many flaws in lots of players on the Wolves.
  11. QUOTE (RockRaines @ May 17, 2013 -> 02:29 PM) Can you send me their contact info? I'm assuming you were being sarcastic, but tweet them: @APkrawczynski @JerryZgoda @talkhoops (of course, they'll probably ignore you because they've been asked the same damn question about Love all season and have answered it the same way countless times already)
  12. QUOTE (Steve9347 @ May 17, 2013 -> 02:54 PM) It's funny how I can knock Rose and his shooting percentage in a post (something that would normally give the great all-mighty Felix a hard on) and then also discuss Kevin Love's shooting percentage and suddenly I'm starting a flamewar on Kevin Love. Whatever. Dude loves to hate on Rose but can see no fault whatsoever in a player on the Wolves. I didn't read your post. My post about the "inefficiency" of Kevin Love was in reference to illinilaw08, which is why I used quotes around the exact phrase he used ("efficiency concerns") There are plenty of concerns about Kevin Love, most notably that he often b****es at refs instead of running back on D and he's not particularly good at finishing at the rim. That said, if you're concerned about efficiency for a guy that gets to the free throw line at a particularly high rate and shoots a pretty good rate from beyond the arc, you're worried about the wrong things.
  13. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ May 17, 2013 -> 02:02 PM) You really should avoid any talk on here. Fixed I don't know why I still bother to read this trash, honestly. And frankly, the WNBA joke was coming as soon as Steve reads the thread, so might as well point out how stupid the joke is ahead of time.
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