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Replying with iPad (no flash)


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QUOTE (knightni @ Dec 11, 2011 -> 10:48 AM)
According to another board: "You have to press the text field and make it active to bring up the keyboard. Also make sure Bluetooth is off.'


Hmm, I did part one, I will have to turn off bluetooth and see if that makes a difference.

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The other issue is cutting and pasting. It is a pain in the neck. From what I am learning, tapatalk or new "flash-less" programming is the answer. I am starting to see where tablets really have advantages. I am currently trying to use this as much as possible. I am using an alarm clock function so it is charging by my bedside. email is decent, web browsing is good. Getting stuff in is a hassle, imnsho. I'd love a usb port to just shovel stuff in.

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