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  1. BamaDoc

    Updated MLB.com Top 100

    If I can count, there are 6 new additions. Kinda thought Ramos or Mena might sneak in based on age but they were to far down the top 30 list I guess. Our top ranked guys have battled some injuries or been solid to ok so I guess I see it.
  2. BamaDoc

    5/24 Games

    Winston Salem with a double header. https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/24/2022 https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-24
  3. BamaDoc

    5/22 Games

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-22 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/22/2022 Martin for AAA.
  4. BamaDoc

    Cueto the most interesting man in baseball

    He sounds like a guy who's cook out I would love to attend. I don't think he got that physique just by eating. You need a few cervezas to wash it down! The original spokesperson was awesome.
  5. BamaDoc

    5/22 Games

    Dalquist struggling for Kannapolis
  6. BamaDoc

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    I agree but think Boone and LaRussa should accompany each player to meet somewhere pregame. The managers (if players agree) can then tell their teams it is over as far as retaliation is concerned. I don't want to see a situation where Donaldson gets off free, gets thrown at, and our player gets suspended.
  7. BamaDoc

    5/20 Games

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-20 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/20/2022 Char and Bir going up against highly ranked pitching prospects so that will be interesting.
  8. BamaDoc

    5/19 Games

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-19 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/19/2022 Burke for AA.
  9. BamaDoc

    Baseball America Top 30 (Actually, 40)

    MLB had Mena 29. This was their last sentence "He'll probably need to return to the ACL in 2022 before he's ready for full-season ball. " One would think with his domination of a full season league , his stock would be way up. Again it is early and relatively small sample size but he is exciting. Being young and not totally filled out, he may tire or the organization may limit his innings but hard not to get excited.
  10. BamaDoc

    5/19 Games

    Funny, no actually typical how recently our minor league pitching hopefulls were Lambert, Dahlquist, Kelley, and Thompson and some others but now it appears Martin, Burke, Mena, and Vera may lead the pack. It is great we have had some lesser heralded players emerge but need the first four to reemerge. The old adage of you never have to much pitching holds true.
  11. BamaDoc

    5/17 Games

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-17 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/17/2022 Hopefully the big team wins two today. With multiple pitchers coming up Charlotte may get stretched thin or others move up in the butterfly effect.
  12. BamaDoc

    5/17 Games

    Dahlquist 5ip 1 run is a step forward.
  13. BamaDoc

    5/15 Games

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-15 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/15/2022 Go Kopech! After the first two games, a split would be nice.
  14. BamaDoc

    5/14 Games

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-14 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/14/2022 Lets go Dallas! All night games today. Buehrle banner to the rescue!
  15. BamaDoc

    Glad to see Dallas has pride

    Dallas did his job yesterday. He struggled in his last inning and after this game has a season line of a 5.54 ERA and a WHIP of 1.96. Also third time through the order woes as noted above. He might have gone back out if he had a nice 1,2,3 inning but he didn't. I am glad he is a competitor but whining to the media doesn't need to happen. Hopefully, he expressed his feelings to his manager and pitching coach. But frankly, the statistics don't care about his feelings.
  16. BamaDoc

    5/13 Games

    We are White Sox fans. It is Friday the 13th. What could possibly happen?!? Right! Right??? At least Eloy isn't on the field or I would put out an over/under on his collisions with Robert. https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-13 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/13/2022
  17. BamaDoc

    5/13 Games

    Thanks for the info. Another Buehrle!!!! A anything is a good result
  18. BamaDoc


    Nice data find. I think the entire team is pressing. They know they aren't hitting and may be trying to do to much. The old trying to hit a 8 run homer syndrome. I agree and have stated the last several years that we don't make pitchers work enough and swing at some absolutely awful pitches at the worst time. Menecchino has to be feeling the heat because you can't fire the team but you can fire a coach. I hope that he is taking players and looking at the video and challenging them. Players will swing at some bad pitches but he needs to ask "what was your thought process here"? The coach should be involved in what the process is each night for working the pitchers they are likely to see. If a player is pressing so badly that they can't execute the plan (or worse ignore the plan) they may need some bench time to understand a mutually agreed upon plan should be followed.
  19. BamaDoc

    Giolito on COVID list, Vaughn back

    Good luck Tex! I still remember Moncada looking like he was going to cry after scoring from first late in the season after having Covid early in the year and he is obviously in great shape compared to us old farts.
  20. BamaDoc

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    I assume Rocker is trying to rebuild draft stock. Wasn't it a partially torn UCL that torpedoed things last time around? If pitches well, I wonder what kind of money he is looking for vs likely to get.
  21. BamaDoc

    5/13 Games

    Anyone with a profile on Tommy Sommer, lhp kanny?
  22. BamaDoc

    White Sox Intl Review

    The write up on FutureSox indicated he was the first of 12 defectors to sign. Anyone know where he would rank among the 12? Also it seems we have at least 350k remaining. Is that enough to add any of remaining 11 or someone else?
  23. BamaDoc

    5/12 Games

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-12 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/12/2022 Everybody listed as TBD except Cease.
  24. BamaDoc

    5/12 Games

    Maybe he can bring that dang thing to Chicago!
  25. BamaDoc

    5/11 Games

    Get well DirtySox! https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-05-11 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=05/11/2022 Cueto going for AAA