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  1. joemg311

    What’s Vaughn’s offensive ceiling?

    Matt Stairs
  2. joemg311

    Who is Changing Plans? Attending Less Games

    True, but a bad high payroll team full of veterans is baseball hell. I would much rather watch a young team full of intriguing prospect lose.
  3. joemg311

    Who is Changing Plans? Attending Less Games

    It is a long season. If the team is great then I'm excited to see them as much as possible in person or at least on tv. When they are bad, I still check box scores and news ect, but I definitely won't subject myself to a bad team almost daily for 3+ hours.
  4. joemg311

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    I still have no idea if hitting coaches matter that much and how much they do. Do they look at tape of opposing pitchers the night before and come up with overall and individualized game plans, or is that advance scouting dept? Even if hitting coaches just go over tape of their own players and try to identify things they can adjust to improve, that itself seems like too much workload for one person. Are modern day hitting coaches just the delivery boy for scouting/analytics? If so, players liking them is the most important thing and there are issues elsewhere, but at the end of the day there are good and bad hitters on every team so the vast majority of success clearly depends on the individual. If I was making 10+ million a year to hit a baseball , I would definitely just hire my own personal video guy and or coach if I felt I needed more help than I was getting.
  5. joemg311

    Retooling / quasi-rebuild

    The team is going to be fine. Once Lynn is back, I see the starting pitching being better than last year with Cease and Kopech taking steps forward. . The bullpen will be better than last year with Graveman and Kelly and a couple lightening in a bottle guys. No idea how the offense will end up, but if Jose heats up with the weather like usual we will be fine.
  6. joemg311

    Gavin Sheets - STUD

    Ross Gload 2.0
  7. joemg311

    Couple Questions

    I didn't realize Blake Rutherford was so young still. He just turned 24. It seems like people were writing him off a couple years ago when he was just ok as a 22 year old in AA, but he is still young enough to be a legit prospect if he can hold his own in AAA this year.
  8. I can't wait until Tony starts playing Luis Gonzalez over Vaughn like he did with Nick Williams. It should have been Mendick up to cover the infield, let Luery play center until Engel returns with Hamilton as the backup outfielder. If you can upgrade Hamilton for little to nothing, then do it, but dont give up anything of value for a player that hopefully wont see the field after a few weeks.
  9. So maybe they are going to have a Yermin/Collins platoon for DH and backup catcher. Grandal can DH occasionally to stay fresh. Any given night you can have the catcher and dh hit lefty or righty based on matchups. Not bad.
  10. This situation remind anyone else of The MIghty Ducks? La Russa is our coach Bombay.
  11. joemg311

    Tony La Russa

    I'm ok with Jerry hireing his buddy to try and win a world series in the next year or two as long as part of the plan/deal is that Jerry also ups the payroll by 100 million or so this off-season to help La Russa win it all 😂
  12. They are clearly trying to stretch Lucas out to 150 pitches so in the playoffs they can count on him for complete games.
  13. I completely agree. I think a lot would have to go right on top of adding several very good pieces to this team to make a serious playoff run, but there are enough holes to fill on the team that some of it has to be done now, because there may be even more to fill in a year or two if some guys regress or do not pan out.
  14. joemg311

    Angels sign Rendon - 7yrs 245

    So lets say Rendon is cheaper than Cole or Strasburg... Would it be crazy to sign him, and then use Moncada as the centerpiece to acquire either a great young RF, or Starting pitcher?
  15. Long time reader and lurker here. There is so much doom and gloom lately with the prospect aspect of the rebuild. I'm still optimistic about the teams future though. We have lots of money to spend to help this team compete in the near future. Was it ever really realistic to expect the entire starting rotation to be all studs on rookie contracts? I feel like the only way the rebuild is actually an epic fail is if this team doesn't go out and spend as promised. I know the ultimate goal is to win a world series, but this team can still at least be competitive in our garbage division by adding a few guys and then have a shot at a world series if some of the prospects turn out to be very good major leaguers. Why not compete next year? You don't even need to spend and get Harper or Machado, sign Donaldson+Brantley+a legit bullpen arm instead. Lets get back to being an ok team through free agency and then see if the farm system can turn us into a very good team the next few years.