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  1. WhiteSoxfan1986

    Double Game 163 Thread

    Good thing I took tomorrow off. Go Brewers
  2. WhiteSoxfan1986

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    .400 BABIP. Maybe he's a useful player but this won't last long.
  3. WhiteSoxfan1986


    I like Giolito a lot better when he decides to throw his curve like he did last night.
  4. WhiteSoxfan1986

    Brandon McCarthy to retire

    With him retiring, no members of the 2005 Chicago White Sox will be active in MLB.
  5. WhiteSoxfan1986

    7-8 Stros/Sox Game Thread

    There's no reason for Giolito to be up here. His starts have to be demoralizing for the rest of the team at this point. I get that they don't want to use that last option - but either he's good enough to stick on the roster next year or nobody is going to want to claim him anyways.
  6. WhiteSoxfan1986

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    This year's Cubs team reminds me of some of those 1990's Indians teams. Great offense, and they do a good job beating up on 4th and 5th starters and blow games open when teams bring in their 7th and 8th relievers. But come October you're not able to do that, and this year they don't really have a pitching staff built for October, and their bullpen doesn't exactly put fear in people's eyes either.
  7. The dumb decision to walk Gallo backfires
  8. WhiteSoxfan1986

    MLB Expansion

    I'm completely against expanded playoffs. One of the things I enjoy about baseball is the fact that the regular season still means a lot - unlike the other sports. The format now is really good. If MLB does expand, I hope they do four 8-team divisions instead of eight 4-team divisions.
  9. WhiteSoxfan1986


    It's only $7 to sit there? Man, I've got to do that.
  10. WhiteSoxfan1986

    2018 MLB Draft

    I understand you want the best players available, but at the same time the Sox need to hit on this pick and I'm not sure I want to risk it on a pitcher (how has Fulmer worked out?). College bats are the safest route to go. I'm going to be pretty disappointed if they pass on Madrigal/Bohm.
  11. WhiteSoxfan1986

    Adam Engel -- how much longer does he have as a regular?

    I wish the Sox would try Moncada in center field, like the Mariners did with Dee Gordon. I feel that his speed and arm would make him a great fit out there.
  12. It would be too late to do this now but you wonder if they ever entertained playing in Milwaukee, as the Brewers are out of town. Obviously the Twins want no part of that though.
  13. It will be interesting to see what they do this weekend. Weather sucks, but it's also tough to postpone an entire series. U.S. Bank Stadium (where the Vikings play) is actually configured for baseball, as the University of Minnesota plays early home games there. I wonder what it would take to play a couple of games there.
  14. WhiteSoxfan1986

    Tampa has stadium site

    QUOTE (reiks12 @ Feb 9, 2018 -> 01:52 PM) Will the taxpayers be saddled with the bill? They still have to figure out financing so this is far from a done deal.
  15. WhiteSoxfan1986

    2017-2018 NHL discussion thread

    QUOTE (SoxAce @ Feb 8, 2018 -> 10:42 PM) Looks like the Hawks are gonna be in the lottery this year (which honestly might be the best thing for this franchise). 4.5% odds of the #1 pick and rising. We're probably better off just rooting for the losses to start piling up at this point for better lottery odds and hoping the ping pong balls fall their way.