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    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    MLB player are free agents after 6 FULL years of service, not 7. So if he breaks camp he will be free agent in 6 years. If they wait until mid April, he will not accumulate enough service time this year to count as a year. Then he is here for 6 years beyond the 2019 season. The actual subject of the thread is Eloy breaking camp, no one is talking about 2018. Another matter entirely is actually this moral debate you're having with nobody.
  2. restinpiss

    Kopech called up

    Yeah they keep him down next year the same amount of days. He comes up Tuesday, goes back down the next day. It delays his arrival next year by one day.
  3. restinpiss

    2017 International Signings

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Feb 27, 2017 -> 01:09 PM) I feel like Sox fans are overrating Tatis Jr. because they're unhappy with how the Shields trade went. I still think he's not really a big time prospect. Had he remained on the White Sox, I doubt he'd be getting much attention. Keith Law has him at #47 in front of Vlad Jr.
  4. restinpiss

    White Sox Listening on Sale

    QUOTE (Hatchetman @ Jul 29, 2016 -> 12:57 PM) Thank you for your opinion Mrs. Odor. We will put it under consideration. \ No problem. That is the reason his name hasn't been mentioned in this trade anywhere but here, let alone as a throw in.
  5. restinpiss

    White Sox Listening on Sale

    QUOTE (GoGoSox2k2 @ Jul 29, 2016 -> 11:20 AM) if we trade Sale.. Hopefully we get at least 3 out of the below 6, along with Mazara who I consider a MUST. If we can get 4 prospect of this caliber I am fine with it. Gallo Brinson Ortiz Tate Mendez Profar Odor Odor!!! Odor is by far the best player on the list, including Mazara. He's not going anywhere with Mazara and 3 other names. If they offered him and Mazara the Sox need hit accept immediately.