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    Top White Sox Prospects, Preseason 2018

    Love seeing Collins come in at #5. I'm sure most publications will knock him further down the list, but having an offensive weapon at catcher is such a bonus. His ceiling is above Dunning and probably Cease for me so I like that you guys sort of went out on a limb and put him at 5. Expecting big things out of him and Rutherford this year. Don't think we've seen the real player out of either of them yet.
  2. pablo

    Brewers nearing trade

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 22, 2018 -> 03:37 PM) Jerry Crasnick‏Verified account @jcrasnick 2h2 hours ago Jerry Crasnick Retweeted Shane Thyssen I had indications from a couple of places that something might be happening, but #Brewers are juggling a lot of scenarios. They've been in on Yu Darvish and Lorenzo Cain as well, and I know they've been working hard on trade possibilities. Sorry if I got people's hopes up. Well then I guess the Brewer's "insider" is somewhat validated? Even if it doesn't include the Sox as a trade partner, I'm glad Brew Crew are actively trying to get better rather than take the slow route to rebuilding when you have a competitive team in place already.
  3. To me, I would love to get Yelich and I have stated I would not be opposed to including Hansen as a centerpiece in a deal so long as he's viewed as a premium prospect. Hansen, Rutherford and a mid teen prospect. Preferably not Adolfo. I really think the Marlins will want a depth package for Yelich. Doesn't really make sense to ask for Acuna because they obviously won't get anything of value beyond that. 5 years of Yelich vs 6 or 7 years of Acuna doesn't really change the Marlins position. But 12 years of two A/B prospects and 12 years of a 2 B/C prospect makes much more sense.
  4. QUOTE (steveno89 @ Jan 10, 2018 -> 09:47 AM) 1 and 2 hard pass, Hansen is close to being considered an untouchable prospect for the White Sox. 2 is fireable in my opinion, how is Zack Collins a fourth piece in a trade? I would not feel great about any of these deals I'd agree, I don't think I'd make any of those deals. More so because I'd rather focus on quality than quantity. I have no problem dealing Hansen for Yelich - but it's got to be the understanding that he's a headliner and not a second piece. He's on his way to being a top 30 prospect by midseason with a good first half in AA. For me - Hansen, Rutherford, Adams for Yelich.
  5. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jan 10, 2018 -> 09:29 AM) listening to the Garfein podcast, Phil Rogers is ready to unload the farm for Yelich. Some things never change I'm going to listen to it in a bit. Seemed really strange to have a podcast about it? Obviously slow news period for the Sox but still.
  6. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jan 10, 2018 -> 08:20 AM) I don't think anything major like a trade would be held up for Soxfest, but over the years, they have made some signings lining up with the event. Kenny Lofton, AJP, and a few others. I know Iguchi was rumored and I think it happened just a couple of days after it. I remember KW in a seminar speaking about him without mentioning him. It was obvious he knew he was coming. But it does add a bit of flair to the festivities. Where they are at right now, who knows, maybe some interesting name reclimation project/flip candidate would be announced. Interesting! You are definitely right about AJP. He signed on 1/6/05 and the Sox put out a press release the next day that he was coming to SoxFest. http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/news/press...sp&c_id=cws
  7. pablo

    Baseball America Top 10 Prospects

    Also - is it a little bit concerning that our 2017 2nd rounder is in the top 10? That's like the old days when whoever the Sox drafted automatically made the top 5 prospects. More of a sign that BA likes Sheets or that BA doesn't think our system is as strong as some of us think?
  8. pablo

    Baseball America Top 10 Prospects

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jan 8, 2018 -> 10:18 AM) Me too, but even that may require using prospects to for urgent additions. Need to have some guys underneath that are attractive. Really, as ever, we need some latam guys to explode. BA's "weaknesses" of the Sox Farm system is pretty comical. And I don't even necessarilly agree with it.
  9. pablo

    Danny Salazar

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 03:08 PM) Given that Salazar is at his low point and Avi is at his high point I'd probably look for 1 more piece coming back, like whoever the Indians drafted in the 3rd round last year or something like that, but on paper that's a reasonable match. Gets us several years of control out of it. That makes sense - I'd probably do it straight up, but I obviously won't complain about another prospect. From the Indians perspective, not sure it makes 100% sense. They could use Salazar in the pen this season and then protect themselves in case one or both of Miller and Allen leave next offseason. They do need another bat in the OF though most likely and RH bat fits well with all the lefties they have - Brantley, Chisenhall, Almonte, Zimmer.
  10. QUOTE (WBWSF @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 01:47 PM) If the White Sox make a major move I would think it would happen before Soxfest which is in 2 weeks. I'm hoping something is done to make this team better for the 2018 season and beyond. I remember alot of posters saying the same thing about Quintana last year. Just don't think the team operates like that. But would make for a fun SoxFest.
  11. pablo

    Danny Salazar

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 12:12 PM) I have a deep affinity for pro ball player for pro ball player trades so the answer is yes. I feel better about flipping Salazar for prospects than Avi. Salazar could also end up being a new wade davis. I agree, if the Sox got him, I'd put him in the pen and let him have the 8th and then proceed to the 9th if he can handle it.
  12. pablo

    Danny Salazar

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 11:55 AM) https://theathletic.com//202710/2018/01/04/...s/?redirected=1 In this, and don't ask me to send you screenshots, Rosenthal says Indians are still interested in moving salazar who has 3 years left. I've always loved salazar. I have no idea what a guy like him would require to get. He needs to get healthy, we get pitchers healthy (not named Rodon). Basically, I think yesterday was the most exciting thing that will happen before soxfest, so, yay or nay, would you give up anything for a 28 year old starting pitcher with 3 years left if his name is Danny Salazar. You could probably buy him at his low point right now, right? I'd imagine Indians would be looking for big league help and they could likely use an OF. Would you do an Avi for Salazar deal? Hope to get Salazar right and if so either extend him or trade him. If Salazar got healthy and good, he'd probably bring back more than Avi in a deadline deal. I think if the price was prospects, I'd have to pass on anything in our top 10-12.
  13. pablo

    2017-2018 MLB player movement rumors and reports

    https://sports.yahoo.com/mlb-trade-rumors-n...-181208370.html "Christian Yelich and J.T. Realmuto are likely on the move this offseason and the Nationals are in on the sweepstakes. They may even be trying to land both players in a single deal. According to MLB.com, the Nationals are trying to acquire one or the other to upgrade their roster and would be open to acquiring both in a mega-deal." This is going to get old quick - seems like a new report every day that teams are talking to Marlins about either one or both.
  14. pablo

    Fake Rumor: White Sox and Moustakas "Close" on Deal.

    I've seen it mentioned that if Moustakas doesn't like the market now, he might sign a 1 year 17-18M deal and try again next offseason. If that's the case, no draft pick would be forfeited right?
  15. pablo

    Fake Rumor: White Sox and Moustakas "Close" on Deal.

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jan 4, 2018 -> 12:03 PM) The horror. The Sox would be a lock to sign Machado. With Moustakas, there is no chance. Whether it is true or not, or he is trying to ride on the coattails of the article on espn.com yesterday is anyone's guess. But there isn't a ton of downside here. Banking on Machado is foolish. There's a better chance the Bulls get Lebron. Donaldson could be great, but he will cost a lot more and be a couple of years older. Moustakas hurt his knee in 2016. It hurt his defense last year, which hurt his overall WAR, but he's a pretty good player with a ton of power and bats LH (Lillian would approve). The market may have made his price come down to the point it makes sense for the White Sox. Of course if you sign him, you have to be ready to compete in 2019. Agreed, banking on Machado is foolish - I've posted that elsewhere as well. But Machado also wants to play SS again so I don't think this rules it out a run at Machado.