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Rick Hahn is Sporting News Executive of the Year

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22 hours ago, South Side Hit Men said:

About as logical as Hahn winning this “award”. Sadly the Sox and their AL pier Seattle haven’t won a goddamned thing during Hahn’s tenure, well except for this ridiculous award.

Hahn still is a losing GM, even cherry picking the years he was allegedly “trying” to win (2013-2016 & 2020), and dumping players like Tatis.


Not sure if this is a terrible pun or an awful typo.

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2 hours ago, joesaiditstrue said:

imagine simping for a guy who traded away the most talented player in sox history after frank thomas, for an overpriced shit sandwich.



Imagine not recognizing the growth the White Sox have had over the last year instead of trying to substitute bitterness from something that isn't applicable to what is being talked about here. It is Executive of the year.

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On 10/17/2020 at 12:47 AM, South Side Hit Men said:

Also extended Rick Renteria last offseason, after failing to convince another winner (Ventura) to stay, and signing Renteria after an exhaustive 24 hour job search in 2016, because why bother.

Perhaps he’ll land LaRussa to ensure the hits just keep on coming on the managerial front. Not to worry, just give Hahn five more years after 2025 for another rebuild if nothing happens, he is an Executive of the Year after all. No doubt his peers want him around forever.


The same can be said about literally everyone else who has won this award.

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