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  1. FLsoxfan

    GT 5/4: SOX at CIN

    I think tonight we get Vaughn's first homer. Ill call it a 2 run shot in the second!
  2. Gallo is a good option as well. Crochet should be a strong start of an offer. If you can land Gallo for something like Crochet, Sheets, Stiever I think its the right move.
  3. Realistically, the Sox need to find some one capable of handling CF that is a 2+ year option. I love Eaton but if we are going to trade for some one, they might as well get some one who is going to be an asset next year in RF as well. Haniger type player. Ketel Marte would be worthing offering Crochet ++
  4. FLsoxfan

    5/2 Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland 1:10 PM

    Lamb earning that roster spot
  5. FLsoxfan

    Yermin/TA love Best MLB players in April

    Odd not to see Rodon
  6. Maybe a spot start for Kopech incoming, wouldn't that be great
  7. FLsoxfan

    4-6 GT: CWS @ SEA (9:10 PM CT)

    Grandal likely still has lingering effects from the knee injury, he is probably just sitting today to prevent him from aggravating it further. After seeing Eloy and Anderson go down so soon, I would prefer they baby Grandal's knee at this point in the season. Also Giolito is pitching against the mariners. 3 runs likely does it tonight
  8. Wouldn't hate Reddick
  9. Injuries are a part of any sport but cannot be predicted, depth wise for starting pitchers we have to trust youth, that is true. I agree purchasing more pitching depth would be a wise move; however, when being realistic about the team we root for and the payroll constraints imposed on them it becomes pretty clear that it will not be happening. There is good potential in the young arms in the minors. Once again - the strength of this team lies in the big 3 starters (who haven't been prone to injury during their careers) and a dominant bullpen. Kopech, Crochet, Stiever, etc. Could be leaned on in an injury situation and there is still developmental potential with Cease. The issue I would see burying this team is if one of Giolito, Lynn or keuchel was injured going IN to the playoffs. At that point you still can game plan Cease/Kopech followed by the pen winning you enough games to get back to the big guys. Is it perfect, no, but with a dynamite offense behind those guys, there's still a chance.
  10. The Nats proved you only need 3 stud pitchers in the playoffs, our 1-3 in the rotation is strong and our bullpen should be dominant. The offense is legit. This is a team that, if they get to the playoffs, can definitely win it all. More pitching would be great but as it stands now I see this team as a world series contender.
  11. FLsoxfan

    Mlb Networks top 10 at each position

    I have a hard time thinking anyone could keep Tim out of a top 10 list
  12. FLsoxfan

    George Springer to Toronto. 6 years/150 million

    Lot of money for an older, albeit terrific, player. Blue Jay's are serious about catching the Yankees.
  13. FLsoxfan

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    I think a lot of us may undervalue Madrigal, Hiura is not defensively talented at 2B and Madrigal is lauded for his defensive ability (yes, I watched the games). Brewers are never going to be a big market club and may be interested in securing what they view as a long term 2b and leadoff man, a long-term closer (Heuer: this opens them up to trading Hader) and SP prospect depth (probably talking Kelley, Thompson, Stiever). This is how those mid-market teams survive.
  14. FLsoxfan

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    If you can land this guy and retain Kopech/Cease/Vaughn you do it without looking back. The low IP isn't ideal but he has already shown some MLB success and has a Frontline starter arsenal. The writing is pretty much on the wall, if you believe what we see on Twitter, that it is going to be a hefty package; however, when trading for young, talented and cost controlled pitching, you pay a premium. A rotation of Gio/Lynn/Keuchel/Burnes + Cease/Kopech is about as electric as they come though. Power arms show up in the postseason as well.