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    New Look Inside The Cell

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Mar 31, 2014 -> 12:44 PM) Harris Park would be ok. Agreed, but no chance at that, given BMO is doing everything they can to re-brand BMO Harris as BMO only. My guess is the Harris portion of the name has a limited lifespan at this point, certainly under 5 years. BMO is logical, but are we just going to have an acronym? That'd suck.
  2. maki

    Rios leaves game in 8th

    looks like someone wants to stay in Chicago a little longer
  3. maki


    The Journeyman -only to be used with Don't Stop Believin playing in the background, mocking the media.
  4. Comparing these numbers to the draft makes you realize how ridiculous the sox are in their draft spending. you have many GUARANTEED chances to pick people with the upside of many of these guys, and you won't budge over slot. yet then we're prime players in the overbidding sweepstakes? these guys must love seeing kenny join the party just as much as seeing cashman. the dramatic difference in pricing across the two processes says there's inefficiency, at least in some players, and this much is known to the whole baseball world, except kenny of course.
  5. maki

    Brent Morel

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 14, 2011 -> 07:43 AM) ESPNChiSox Doug Padilla Oz, when asked about Morel walking more: "I'd be the last one to talk about walks. I was swinging at everything from Day 1 to the last day." Nice job Oz, ream him early in the year for not walking and when he finally starts to show some progress on multiple fronts, blow it off and talk about yourself. There's your reward Brent, now keep at it.
  6. maki

    Lillibridge out for year

    QUOTE (LVSoxFan @ Sep 9, 2011 -> 08:57 AM) Is it safe to call Lilly--if we take Paulie out of consideration, who's a lock--the 2011 Sox player of the year? buehrle
  7. maki

    Williams On Hot Seat Too?

    QUOTE (Marty34 @ Aug 30, 2011 -> 08:44 AM) I was surprised it wasn't posted already. As far as batting Rios 4th, you have more outs in that lineup than him and maybe it's best you don't bat them - Rios, Morel, Beckham - back-to-back-to back. swap him with one of them. with any lineup Ozzie puts out there, there's 7 better choices to hit cleanup. That being said, Ozzie's probably filling out the card with Pierre in that spot tonight.
  8. QUOTE (gatnom @ Aug 26, 2011 -> 05:01 PM) It's starting to get to that point where you can label him a bust, at least relative to his projections. no, it's not.
  9. maki

    Brent Morel

    brent morel has adapted and succeeded at every level in his professional career so far. while this doesn't guarantee success, there's nothing to point to and say he's clearly overmatched and will never make it on the big stage. turns out it's the major leagues and takes a little time, it's a good thing brent seems to always take the right approach and does whatever it takes to make himself better. (except take a walk, but there's always next year)
  10. maki

    Teahen Vs. Oney on Twitter

    What happens to Oney when Ozzie goes to Florida and there's no market for his ancillary thoughts in Miami? Quite literally, nobody cares about baseball and thus there's no hoopla or press to follow his every tweet. In all seriousness, does he then go even farther in an attempt to gain the spotlight? Does he call Hanley out? Does he bring his personal rants to all players in an attempt to gain the national media? If this happened, Ozzie Guillen would never work in the MLB again, and sadly he doesn't yet understand that. If the national media decided to run with one story on the familyand their , he'd be toast, and they've already been toeing the fine line for too long.
  11. you offer him just enough to top a cards offer and keep him playing for 2 years w/ a team option for a 3rd. if there truly is a bidding war somewhere, that price will eventually be out of reach for the white sox, so no use trying other than the offer you should already be prepared to make. if the market isn't inflated and the cards aren't in play, i see no reason why he's not back on the southside, even with payroll deductions. buehrle at a reasonable rate pays for itself with the white sox.
  12. maki

    WTF are we waiting for ? Call up Viciedo !

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 28, 2011 -> 10:51 AM) The players will get paid, but that doesn't mean the White Sox will. That is different. The Sox are a creditor, not an employee. i would imagine there was an addendum or some type of doc signed in the deal that the dodgers are directly responsible for such and such portion of deferred comp, not the white sox. i'm sure we're not playing middle man and paying the deferred comp and turning around to wait for a check from the dodgers. the fact that they talk about manny as a creditor and not the white sox speaks to this scenario.
  13. maki

    WTF are we waiting for ? Call up Viciedo !

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 21, 2011 -> 10:01 PM) In an era where the players are always right and managers get fired, benching your superstar usually gets you fired. When you don't have to worry about what your superstar thinks of you, it doesn't matter. The only worry McKeon has now is the team quitting on him. if this it the case then owners/decision makers are making the wrong choices.
  14. QUOTE (greg775 @ Jun 20, 2011 -> 01:03 PM) I don't like Pierre's slappy style of hitting and he's having a bad year defensively and can't throw but I agree there is value in a guy that can hit .290. I have a question for all the new-wave stat people. I listen to games on the radio and MLB.com and listen to interviews with GMs and the like and the comments made are ALWAYS about the old stats like batting average for hitters, wins for pitchers, ERA for pitchers. Many of you act like batting average means NOTHING. If so, then why do all the pundits, including the national baseball guys during interviews, never mention these other categories that so impress the stat geeks (said with all due respect, I realize all of you are not geeks in the skinny, glasses-wearing, pocket protector sense of the word). Mainstream media writers or on-air personalities still have to sell a product, and quoting SABR doesn't sell it yet. If they don't use it in their own analysis then they're not very good at their job, or make up for it by being "colorful." You realize BA, ERA, etc are generally components of new statistics, correct? At least in some fashion. They're a better understanding of a player's true value or skill based on what's become available to us in the age of unlimited data and tracking.
  15. maki

    Dunn last 7 games : .158/.304/.368/.672

    Judging the worth of a hitting coach on a player still in development stages is quite a different animal than that of a MLB hitting coach. Most of the difference definitely has to do with the level of the players and the inability/unwillingness to adjust. Players most likely fall into two camps: 1. Those who willingly and proactively adjust 2. Those who will never do so(or only under extreme duress). Basically I see it as the nature of a pro athlete and their makeup. The "best" hitting instructors probably get most of their success not imparting any of their own views on hitting, but rather in pointing out where a player has strayed from a swing in which he had previous success. By the time you're at the major league level, players have signficantly different swings honed over the years and influenced by many teachers, at the MLB level you're not changing that. So I'd pretty much agree there's not much they're actually controlling other than being able to communicate with the players. Every single major league hitting coach can dissect a swing, as can another 250 waiting in the wings. Much like a manager(in baseball or othwerwise) it comes down to managing people, not the game(task).