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  1. There are quite a few WR in the NFL, one of them is even on the Bears, who I would feel much better about going into 2019 with than Antonio Brown.
  2. I cant think of a more meaningless stat than TD's. I mean, all NFL stats are kind of meaningless but that one in particular is subject to so much variance and factors outside the players control, especially for WR of all positions. Brown is slower. You can see it when he runs. Compare him with Smith-Schuster and if you just ignored the name of the back of the jersey one would look like a Ferrari compared to a Vauxhall.
  3. She deliberating made her request in a way she knew Barstool would never see it.
  4. They reached out to her to compensate her. She didn't respond. It's not professional. She wants to be treated like a pro? Act like something other than some Twitter amateur.
  5. They aren't better than AB three years ago but they are better than AB now. The decline is clearly on for Brown and if he didn't have Smith-Schuster and Big Ben his numbers would've been really pedestrian.
  6. Jones, Beckham, Hopkins, Hill, Smith-Schuster, Thomas, Evans, Hilton, Cooper, Thielen That was pretty easy.
  7. Right but it's still dishonest when she is fishing for this exact reaction. None of this is happening organically...she wanted Barstool to grovel. The professional thing to do is accept or refuse their offers not ignore them like a child because they are supposedly racist and sexist (which I really doubt they are).
  8. And things people say on Twitter have a long history of being bullshit.
  9. Bears had another kicker tryout and went with Chris Blewitt. Already signed Redford Jones too. They are just going to have a massive competition and whoever comes out on top gets the job. Love it.
  10. Its pretty much failed. The pitching has fallen apart and I dont think enough of the hitters have maintained their stock to be in sufficient quantity to acquire the pitcher they are going to need. The Tatis Jr. trade...it looms over everything. Doesn't mean they wont ever be good though. While were talking about 2005, remember the off-season before it where they made all the stupidest moves possible? Trading away El Caballo for Scott Podsednik and letting Magglio walk to be replaced by Jermaine Dye were universally panned moves. How many people called the Sox cheap that off-season? Sometimes baseball can be weird.
  11. SEEMS? He's not that great anymore. I wouldn't even put him top-10.
  12. Josh Donaldson will be average this year and the Sox will sign him next off-season.
  13. I'd honestly be surprised if she did respond to them after all and encouraged this behavior. These people on the internet are always lying, almost 100% of what you read on social media is an outright lie.
  14. I'd say the stakes here a little higher than $10. I really dont know anything about Barstool Sports, I've never consumed their content except for a couple episodes of Pat McAfee's show, but I'd imagine their Twitter account is a fairly valuable thing.
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