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  1. He's 100% talking about the Sox, like everyone else has who has talked shit. Hopefully a big part of the problem has been removed during the stretch run.
  2. Wild and shrewd. Very un-Sox like
  3. Yeah, there was/is smoke for sure. People who know better than me seem to think it wasn't as close though and they would appear to be right.
  4. My bad last night. I'll take the L. Truly believed a deal was finished.
  5. FWIW, the hold up I heard isnt Vaughn at all.
  6. I did, and truth be told I originally had the wrong team too, bit corrected it to Texas a couple hr before official. Again, this may not happen. Seems odds are against it at this point, but I'll go down with the ship. Would be first time either. But people u trust will tell u what I had in Cueto last week (which I didnt put in here...I didnt feel as confident about that as I did this)
  7. Thanks. I'm a fan like all of u. There are people on here u trust who can vouch for me. I lucked into info. If this isn't true or doesnt get done I'm sorry. I dont post shit I dont think is close (still stand by Vaughn info last year). This sounded done an hr ago. Nothing has changed with that other than white Sox dave pissing on it. He's gotta have better sources than me, but I'll stand with it.
  8. Dude, your right there. Most people had same info I had....post other things I've been right about. I was the first on here the night of the Lynn trade too.
  9. Yeah, not walking it back. Shit doesn't happen, have at me
  10. Ask those who can vouch for me telling them Cueto was signed 24 hrs in advance last week.
  11. I honestly thought done. Without going too deep, heard a new package was coming this evening and that sounded real promising. Def told no Vaughn.
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