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  1. If we're still here in misery in about 8 years, bring this up again. What a bunch of complete bullshit...
  2. Big hole in that is, why is a schmuck interpreter getting that level of credit? Would be the dumbest bookie in history.
  3. Looks like it's done. Off to SD
  4. As mentioned, Preller and Cashman are in self preservation mode. Cashman has to blink (I hope)
  5. I'd be shocked if they gave him up. If they did, he's the bulk of the package. It will be fluff added.
  6. Would you rather have Spencer Jones and outside the top 100 pieces with NY (NY loves this guy, obviously) or multiple top 100 pieces from Texas?
  7. He's definitely not on the opening day roster. Capt obvious...............
  8. Your friend is wise. Occams Razor gang. Maybe ask if the controversial Shot Spotter (RIP) hit anywhere in the vicinity (all 009th district) WITHIN the time of the incident.
  9. I see the media who covers the Sox are carrying serious water for the Sox today. All of them.
  10. Sure. Not sure what one has to do with the other.
  11. And he was right on for everything he said. He saw it coming.
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