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  1. Just found the umpiring crew information for the game. #7 WHITE SOX @ #2 ATHLETICS HP: Adam Hamari; 1B: Mike Muchlinski; 2B: Ted Barrett (CC); 3B: Marvin Hudson; LF: Adrian Johnson; RF: Brian Knight
  2. Anyone have information on the umpiring crew? For the love of all things white sox please don't let it be Angel Hernandez and his crew
  3. I know we don't have a better option with Eloy being out but I do not look forward to watching Leury Garcia hit coming off the IL after 40 some games in a Huge playoff game. Did we forget how maddening Leury's at bats are? The dude is a helicopter who swings at everything. I can see him trying to make a splash and expanding his zone a lot today Hope I'm wrong.
  4. I'm sorry if i missed an update but what us Eloys injury and why is he not playing today? I thought he was suppose to be ready. Is this a bigger concern?
  5. Fuck the ops people. I love me some nick Madrigal. If he's going to get on base and cause havoc....I'm good with that
  6. My boy is ridiculous!! Bummer 7th Marshall 8th Colome 9tb
  7. It's been a miserable week boys. This may have been one of the worst weeks of being a fan I can remember in a long time. I know some of you will say well we weren't good the last few years but because of that we weren't so vested into what happened. This year being so invested into this team and the way we have played the last week and the games that we have lost the last week have made me age maybe 10 years. I don't know what I was more disappointed with the walk off losses to Cleveland or the shit show that we saw last night. I hope that was the bottom and we got it out of our system and now we can start playing some ball and it starts tonight let's f******* go!
  8. No.....there have been worse. You have not paid attentionšŸ˜€
  9. The manager helped this team lose any mojo they had. Its a dead ass team right now....except for Dallas and Lucas..... I'm exhausted by Cease experiment.
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