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  1. I remember that at bat.............it was laughable and i enjoyed it because it was the Cubs
  2. Every playoff team has some speedster that is only used for pinch running late in games in the playoffs. You guys act like this is some novelty. I'm just saying engel fits that mold and goes one step better with being a outstanding OF
  3. Ra Ray is 100% correct on this. Adam can come in and steal a base late in a game and give you outstanding OF play. How many times have we watched this in the playoffs with guys like Jarrod Dyson and others.
  4. Never want to see him in Sox uniform. I said last year the rebuild will be when they move on from that guy. Please no!!
  5. Bummer has to be our 8th inning guy with cishek/Fry/Marshall sharing 7th responsibilities depending on match-ups.
  6. I like Jason and Stoney. Can we get replacements on the radio?
  7. I never want to see Covey pitch in a white sox uniform again.
  8. The deal could already be in place but waiting after holiday and new year's to respect players involved.
  9. It will be Leury to start and when Robert comes up it will be combination of TA, Madrigal (after he settles in), and a little Leury mixed in.
  10. It's nice to have these problems. Also nice to see we are looking forward to the season.
  11. What I do know is we will hit the crap out of the baseball. We will scare opposing pitchers.
  12. Great post. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and trips down memory lane. I am very excited for this team. I just took my kids to disney and we stopped through Nashville the same night the saints were playing the titans. Me and the kids walked around nashville with our sox gear and were stopped a couple times and asked/told....."that's different......white sox???." All I said was you will hear a lot more of white sox this year. In Disney we were stopped by Cub fans after all the moves and all they could say is you guys are gonna be good. Cant wait!!!
  13. Lineup before Robert and Madrigal... Before. After Anderson. Anderson Moncada. Moncada Abreu. Abreu Grandal. Grandal Eloy. Eloy EE. EE Mazara. Mazara Mendick. Robert Engel. Madrigal A few things of note..... 1. I just do not see Renteria taking Abreu out of 3 spot. Even though I dont think that's where he should be when LR and NM come up. 2. There is no way Renteria puts LR and NM at the top of the order when they come up. Hes going to give them time to figure it out.
  14. Now if you can get RYU then you have ..... Giolitto RYU Cease Lopez Gio Kopesch
  15. I agree. As a 5th starter this is a very good signing.
  16. Can I just say that Felix Hernandez at this point in his career is absolute garbage. The idea of him as a starting pitcher for CWS is just at bad as as the idea of Dylan Covey being in our rotation for next year.
  17. White sox and being desperate to spend money don't seem to go hand in hand this Winter.
  18. I'm not sure what I think about Teheran. Every time I saw him pitch it was usually against the Cubs and he was getting lit up. I do firmly believe the White Sox are after one of Mets many starting pitchers (Syndergard or Strowman).
  19. I run a corporation, this sounds great in theory. Ultimately you can't control if someone does not want to be somewhere. How many times have you heard from sports people that a said player will always take the most money..........in this case it didn't work for us. We offered the most money and I can't be mad at the FO for that. There are plenty other reasons to be mad.
  20. They did. He did not want to come here. Why can't we understand that.
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