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  1. The flip side to this is the money they saved by not signing an ozuna.... .let's see where that goes before we jump to conclusions. The off season is not over.
  2. Which established players are you referring too? Castellanos? Ozuna?
  3. This makes a better team with balance in the lineup. Walker is 24 and has done nothing to this point with 4th OF potential. The guy we got back is 24 and has already hit around 80hr's in the big leagues and still has unlimited potential according to most big league guys. Worst case scenario he doesn't pan out and you go get someone next off season. This is a low risk high reward move. I said it yesterday, for rebuilds to work you have to take chances on guys and some of them have to pan out. Cubs are an example with their moves for Rizzo, Arrieta, etc. .... Every rebuild must have surprises.
  4. Totally makes sense for Marlins to give Mazara a shot.
  5. Jack if he figures it out and has potential to walk that would still be a good scenario for our beloved.
  6. I dont mind Mazara. Lots of untapped potential. For rebuilds to work you have to hit on some unexpected players. If he works out great, if not then you move on from him in a year. There is lots of talent there with him
  7. Well.......That takes care of this Thread.
  8. I'm asking the following question as a serious question, not being a jerk................. Can someone explain to me how a pitcher is worth $245 million and another one $300 when they will most likely play in about 35-40 games. How is handcuffing your franchise financially worth this type of commitment. I can see it, somewhat, for a position player. Again, I'm just confused on how this is a good investment.
  9. https://670thescore.radio.com/bernstein-jerry-reinsdorf-age-fueling-white-sox-urgency-free-agency
  10. Yeah.....that doesn't make sense. I really think the SOX are not telling anyone anything after last off season and even the Wheeler negotiations.
  11. I think the SOX have learned from past experiences and no way they let the cat out of the bag.
  12. Not being factitious but just very curious......what happened with that deal. I have read all the different narratives but not sure what really happened??
  13. I understand he was very good 2nd half. However, this guy and injuries seem to go hand in hand
  14. I do not trust darvish. He is injury prone and something always seems to be wrong.
  15. Understood. However, I don't know what legitimate MLB RF going to take a one year deal at this point. Someone may if free agency fizzles out but this market does not seem like it's going to fizzle.
  16. Haven't we had enough stop gaps: Palka, avi, jay, leury, cordell............ I have no issue with ozuna, pederson, and to a lesser extent castellanos
  17. I respect your opinion. However, anyone who thinks that Castellanos is a better RF'er than Ozuna is misinformed. Ozuna misplayed a few balls last year and they were shown over and over. He was a gold glove outfielder on 2017, that is only 2 years ago. Ozuna has much, much more pop in his bat then Castellanos. I like castellanos but he's a one half wonder. He was not much in Detroit and had one amazing 1/2 of a year. Could it mean that he's figured some things out........sure, however look at some of Ozuna's hard hit metrics and everything tells you that man could absolutely explode at some point. St. Louis is not a hitters park either.....
  18. Of course he hasn't bruce.....if he sign it will be monday
  19. Nobody in their right mind within the white sox organization is going to confirm to Bruce after what happened last year and with Wheeler. I'm not saying this is going to happen or not happen but let's be realistic......
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