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  1. How did we get get out of that inning,? We better score a run here
  2. I'm really hoping Bummer had a cramp. For the love of the almighty please let these injuries stop now 🙏
  3. I like Jose and I am not a Jose basher but he has many selfish at bats. The 3-1 pitch he swung at was a foot off the plate. If he takes it we have bases loaded with no one out. Instead a double play.......don't like that kind of baseball
  4. As of now we have the following guys injured..... TA MADRIGAL EE MAZARA REY LOPEZ CARLOS RODON We know that TA is eligible to come of IL Tuesday and should be back. Nick is out until end of August, at earliest. I don't know anything on EE, any updates would be great Mazara left last night, no updates yet. Reynaldo, last I heard was going to start throwing again......don't know where he is at. Carlos, no time table. Any updates would be appreciated. For us to contend we have to get these guys back.
  5. Our top 3 batters with 9 strike outs tonight. I've been harping on plate discipline. If we keep swinging at every pitch and flail away then we will not be a good team this year.
  6. Are you kidding me. Zero plate discipline. I said this last night too. You will not consistently win if you keep chasing.
  7. Work the count, take a pitch or two....make him fall behind and get the ball up
  8. We are in swing mode tonight. Zero patience
  9. now let's get some good news on Madrigal and EE
  10. man ......what do the Sox know we don't know about Yellich!!
  11. ok.......why are we pitching to Yellich now....Ricky living 100 lives
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