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  1. I think the tank is on. Coming out of the all star game we start Nova and Covey and just brought in Herrera in a tie game in 8th. 😔
  2. I would agree. Let him sink or swim.
  3. Marshall will walk this guy and that will be doom
  4. How does Oakland pull this shit off each year with no pay roll...
  5. We will get swept, typical Oakland series for white sox. I can't wait until we get good.....
  6. We are hunting on Chapman but did not bother hunting against lester ....makes no sense
  7. Wonder if bunt was called or on his own
  8. I have said it before, leury cannot play SS....he will haunt our pitchers
  9. I dont mind if he gives up runs, but he totally threw up on himself. That was a absolute meltdown.......that should not happen to an all star or a #1 pitcher
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