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  1. Good god man just take a pitch and look at it to see what the inside slider looks like, instead of flailing at every one of them
  2. Taking family to Tampa next weekend for the series but after watching this crap for 3 and a half games.......not so sure. I enjoyed the team in 1st half. This is hot garbage
  3. We decided to quit playing baseball after all star game. The tank is real
  4. I agree with this. Collins needs more regular at bats at AAA and work on his defeciancies
  5. Rondon threw the ball down right field line trying to get out at 2nd on ground ball
  6. I'm so tired of players like Rondon, Sanchez, Jay, Alonzo, ......
  7. Some dude we have never heard off
  8. Just curious, why would we not sign James Shields to be 5th starter this year and eat innings??
  9. I have no idea how they measure defensive WAR
  10. Hopefully good for Herrera's confidence
  11. I think the tank is on. Coming out of the all star game we start Nova and Covey and just brought in Herrera in a tie game in 8th. 😔
  12. I would agree. Let him sink or swim.
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