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  1. Let's get a win today and turn things around. Need veterans to step up today
  2. I have no problems with Collins pinch hitting. I just cannot stand Leury going up there and hacking away without any patience.
  3. 0-15 but we are going to let little nicky continue to bat
  4. Until this kid learns to pitch ahead in the count he will be a punching bag
  5. Ok Timmy.....we need Cease to pitch a couple of innings without giving anything up.
  6. Let's see we will swing at every pitch this inning and be done after 9-10 pitches
  7. In the 2.2 games Grandal has caught we have given up .... 27 runs In 21 innings
  8. This could get real ugly real quick boys. 2 losses today and you face their ACE tomorrow. 1-5 and good bye season
  9. I would never swing if I faced Cease and would have a walk every time up
  10. My statcast shows Cease throwing pitches 5 feet over guys heads
  11. Just end this damn season. This will not end well this year if we keep playing
  12. Nicky will be 0 for 30 and still batting 2nd or 6th for the Sox
  13. Why can't we have pitchers that look like they have some command of what the hell they are doing.
  14. Giolitto, lopez, cease.....just plain garbage out of the gate.
  15. We suck. I'm ok with this season being shut down. Our pitching staff blows right now
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