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  1. So if you are Ricky when do you use your 9 million $$$ reliever
  2. The only thing I blame Ricky about tonight was Minaya.
  3. Jack with all due respect Hahn paid this guy to get outs. This a perfect situation for Herrera to come in and save colome.....this is not on Ricky
  4. Herrera is not Ricky's fault. This is on Hahn. At this point IL his ass and see if you can get him right
  5. I can see that but I hate the F'ing Packers and Cubs
  6. Well your boy is in and just gave up a hit immediately....
  7. What do you all think.....Detwiler has earned another start in my opinion. He pitched better then the garbage we have seen
  8. Hell of a job Aaron with not having your best stuff. Hats off..... Now take the next 2 games off
  9. Bummer better be off limits the rest of the series
  10. A rookie with no experience getting calls from the ump.....ridiculous
  11. Also, this is where I would bring herrera in.....at some point hes got to piss or get off the pot
  12. I respect what your are asking for but what has minaya done to show you he can get the job done?
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