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  1. I don't know how you all feel but it might not be bad for us to have the games v cardinals canceled this weekend. It will give guys like Moncada to get healthy and for us to get maybe LOPEZ back without playing games, and maybe Madrigal gets closer to returning.
  2. Who is wili Castro and why does he look like Bryce Harper against us???
  3. Good win......need to build on it today
  4. Sorry to be pessimistic but there's your ball game boys
  5. Everytime we hear preseason hype about a White Sox lineup......they suck!!
  6. well, Dallas better pitch a shutout
  7. As I said......ground ball after ground ball for Eloy
  8. https://twitter.com/beckjason/status/1292970790925762565?s=20
  9. The Leury Garcia experience was fun for about 3 games..
  10. I can't wait for TA to get back tomorrow. He is the catalyst for this team
  11. To think we could have had Castellanos
  12. I will take Miguel's approach at the plate even now compared to 90% of our hitters
  13. Eloy continues to hit ground ball after ground ball
  14. How many times are we going to F'ing walk Santana this year? The one time we should have walked him we didn't
  15. I just don't understand the lack of plate discipline and having some kind of game plan when batting
  16. I heard so much about our hitting but we suck. I am tired of Leury Garcia.......we will never win if he's playing every game. I'm tired of Renteria and the clown act. I do not want to hear for the rest of the year how we are A good hitting team. We have no plate discipline
  17. Why would you not walk Santana? Gets one of their best hitters out of the way and you go after Deshields. Stupid managing
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