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  1. We are such a undisciplined hitting team. Men on 1st and 2nd with a pitcher struggling one guy swings at 3 straight out of the zone, theater next one chases the 1st pitch
  2. We have got to start hitting the baseball. No excuses!
  3. ZzBummer needs to be our closer. Where is he????
  4. Where is bummer? Is he closing today because too many pitches by Coloma the other day
  5. I'm voting for this season to end if TA is hurt
  6. Adam Engel is my new favorite White Sox
  7. Very good win. Let's EAT W'S now going forward
  8. Come on ELOY....finish this game
  9. Teams in hitting slumps don't win these games
  10. Our batters are clueless with no game plan tonight. This will not end well boys
  11. For the love of winning baseball please stop playing Leury at 2nd base. PLEASE
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