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  1. I run a corporation, this sounds great in theory. Ultimately you can't control if someone does not want to be somewhere. How many times have you heard from sports people that a said player will always take the most money..........in this case it didn't work for us. We offered the most money and I can't be mad at the FO for that. There are plenty other reasons to be mad.
  2. They did. He did not want to come here. Why can't we understand that.
  3. Those are 2 BAD options. We have to be better then this.........again I'm willing to let it play out before I start freaking out.
  4. I would respectfully disagree with you here. Price is a aging pitcher who has been injury prone. I would much rather have MadBum
  5. Very good post. Agree with everything. I would add, let's let the off season play out and see what happens before we jump to conclusions.
  6. Meaning nothing is happening this week or soon.
  7. Agreed. I would take MadBum at that price and years all day any day
  8. I hope it's dead. I have said many times that I want to have nothing to do with David price for the White Sox. He does not fit what we should be trying to accomplish.
  9. So you would take Palka over Mazara as your RF next year?
  10. You have got to be kidding me. Obviously you have not watched Palka play. Some of our White Sox fans have no clue and say stuff just because they are mad at the organization.
  11. I might get chewed up and spit out for this but I still think MadBum has a lot left. I understand metrics from last year were not good but he's only 30. I'm not sure how he would fit on this team personality wise.
  12. I do not want David Price. He is 34 and past his prime. That does not fit with what we are trying to accomplish
  13. I find this interesting too.........not sure what the point is???
  14. I like this concept and hope it plays out the way Rick is stating it. I will wait.........
  15. I will also go on record and say i want to have nothing to do with David price playing for the White Sox. a 34 year old pitcher whos best days are behind him does not fit what we are trying to accomplish.
  16. As of now the line-up looks something like this after the 1st few weeks of the season: Anderson SS Moncada 3B Abreu 1B Grandal C Eloy LF Mazara RF Robert CF DH??? Madrigal 2B
  17. The flip side to this is the money they saved by not signing an ozuna.... .let's see where that goes before we jump to conclusions. The off season is not over.
  18. Which established players are you referring too? Castellanos? Ozuna?
  19. This makes a better team with balance in the lineup. Walker is 24 and has done nothing to this point with 4th OF potential. The guy we got back is 24 and has already hit around 80hr's in the big leagues and still has unlimited potential according to most big league guys. Worst case scenario he doesn't pan out and you go get someone next off season. This is a low risk high reward move. I said it yesterday, for rebuilds to work you have to take chances on guys and some of them have to pan out. Cubs are an example with their moves for Rizzo, Arrieta, etc. .... Every rebuild must have surprises.
  20. Kris Bryant.....๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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