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  1. The hitting approach in the 2nd half is soooooo piss poor
  2. I feel bad for James. He has been worked into the ground. He needs a couple days off
  3. Goins should have 3-0 green light the way Abreu is going....๐Ÿ˜€
  4. It should be fastball city if that's the case. Just spot it
  5. To me the biggest difference between Lucas of 1st half and his recent struggles isn't about his stuff. He's got the stuff. It that he hasn't been locating. He has been missing his locations with the fastball.
  6. Many people on this board were very against Frazier earlier in the year when his name was brought up after he was sent down to minors.
  7. Team has gone from exciting to disheartening
  8. I have really enjoyed watching Jose Abreu over the years. However, being a fan of his I see he's in decline. He chases all the pitches that are thrown. He shows zero patience and has become more of a helicopter then hes ever been before.
  9. He needs to be DFA'd before game ends. The rebuild does not move forward until this guy is gone.
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