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  1. I cant wait to get Timmy and Eloy back so we can have some kind of balance in this lineup
  2. Dont like it. I dont mind 3-0 green light but not when a guy cant throw a strike and the bases are loaded
  3. I'm asking because I dont know.......is there anybody in the minors that can come up and get a chance to start a few games to see what they can do......prospect or non prospect??
  4. I did not mind the idea of Collins going back to minors but he has got to be better then Reed right now.......right???
  5. Please god have some mercy on us and put an end to us having to watch Covey pitch
  6. I cannot wait for the day Covey is DFA'd. That will signal the end of the rebuild for me. I hate watching this man pitch for my favorite team.
  7. I like the shake up by Ricky. However we still have Nova on the mound. I did not think he was this bad. Even if he pitched to his career average about a 4.50 era ....we would be a much better team every 5th day.
  8. I was at the TROP the last 2 days. There were a lot of Sox fans there. It's good to see a little excitement back.
  9. Cease looking so much better as the game has gone on
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Dylan was always a control pitcher in minors up until this year. How does your command just leave you?
  11. Cant control your fastball then you cant pitch in the majors....
  12. I just dont get why Rondon plays on a semi regular basis. There has got to be someone, anyone else in minors....
  13. Goins has to play until Timmy gets back
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