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  1. Is that a Latin kings Crown on Nicasio's neck? Just wondering
  2. I think next year we see a lot more of this. .....fingers crossed
  3. Arm chair manager much??? Some of you are a bunch of clowns because you dont understand baseball. Leury is a punch and Judy hitter, a bunt is a good call there because if he can get it down, which he usually does, it's a run.
  4. A bunt is a run. What happend by swinging? Let's stop the BS with ",I hate bunting". Sometines it's a good play
  5. In all seriousness, when and if we get good next year we need a Bummer... why get rid of him
  6. How do you know he's injury prone? How do you know that they did not take calls on him???
  7. I dont give a crapbabout the outcome but Bummer making Harper look silly is what makes me feel good and why we our bullpen with him next year is going to have a chance to be good
  8. Harper steals 3rd with 2 outs.......building stats or does it mean something
  9. Can someone please help me understand how a guy batting 254 with 18 Homers and 72 RBI's is worth 300 million. Not trying to be a jag but is it not better to spread that money amongst 3-4 guys who are good players???
  10. I totally respect and understand those of you who are very skeptical of Hahn's comments about being aggressive and your feeling about FO and JR. However, let's take a step back and look at some facts and some opinions. 1. This is year 3 of a major rebuild/tear down. No matter what anyone thinks or says we were not going to compete this year. 2. Injuries to key pieces have even slowed down the rebuild more then the FO and we as fans expected. 3. Even with the above we have begun to see some key pieces, Giolittio, Moncada, Anderson, Bummer, and ReyLo (of late) start to become good baseball players with potential to be very good to great. 4. There are others who most of us agree will also take that next step soon in Cease, Jimenez, Kopech, Robert...... 5. With the players mentioned above we have begun to build a foundation. 6. The FO did not trade away players at deadline like Bummer or Colome who can help us start to turn things around next year. I was upset as many of you with the lack of moves BUT I took a step back thought this through.........we are now getting to a point where we are done trading good MLB players for A or AA prospects (next step of rebuild). We need to start adding on...... 7. Even though the Manny M ordeal from the summer left a bad taste in our mouths and fans......the Sox have a lot of capital to spend and add to the players I mentioned above. The FO has said all along this process that when time comes they will spend the money. The time will start in this upcoming free agency. We need to let that play out. IF they do nothing this winter, then we have every right to boycott, bash, not show up at the ball park. 8. Rebuilds suck and as a major market team we should not be in this situation....BUT we are. We have to let this play out. I truly believe if the FO does what they said they would we are going to start turning the corner to becoming a good team next year. While I am impatient, i am willing to give the FO an opportunity to hold true to their word. If in year 4 we are looking like we are now and the FO has not lived up to their word then I will suffer as a fan and keep my money by not showing up to the ball park. Just my humble thoughts as I wait impatiently, like all of you, for this offseason and for this organization to start turning things around. I am getting frustrated with losing and having to root for all NL teams that play the Cubs. Not how I enjoy watching baseball. But I am sticking to the process of the rebuild and hoping the FO lives up to their words....... Go White Sox!!
  11. Point being, you can sit on a cutter all you want......its hard to hit a good cutter
  12. How did that work out for hitters against Mariano Rivera
  13. Our batter's have ZERO concept of the strike zone and ZERO concept of having a approach at the plate.
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