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  1. Good. Covey, Yolmer, Banuelos, and a few others to go......
  2. I love what I have seen from Collins of late. I would like to see 500AB's for him next year as a back up catcher. 1st base, and DH
  3. I'm curious to get everybody's take on this guy. Is the real Nick C the guy we saw in Detroit or the guy we have seen with the Cubs. I'm not sure what to make of him. Also, is this a guy that we want to go after and potentially play RF for us? Interested in your thoughts......
  4. Why do we not like 30hr and 111rbi??? With 20 some games left.. Oh wait....we are white Sox fans
  5. This is great .....you have to be high to enjoy this
  6. 2Deep


    Do we have any updates on Yoan and when he might be back? I would love to finish out the year with a healthy core of Gio, Reylo, Cease, Bummer, Yoan, Tim, Eloy..........we are actually a fun team to watch when all these guys are playing.
  7. I've seen enough of Covey, yolmer, jay, detwiler.......before I would say Ruiz
  8. 5 Innings 2 earned runs behind some shotty defense 6 k's 1 Walk I would call it progress................
  9. LOL........we're not that significantly better yet. We will be......
  10. Not being able to catch up to fastball and no plate discipline, worse then it's ever been
  11. Next year. I truly believe he will make Yoan like jump
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