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  1. Great stuff , Landon Donovan still playing for your lot πŸ™ƒ
  2. I'm 65 , 66 in June , UK state pension age , joined the forum April 2018 , the season had started and I was a total baseball newbie , had to ask what a fly ball was . Soccer is my game , don't like much else , Grand Slam tennis maybe . Baseball appeared on my screen courtesy of ESPN and I decided to try and get a handle on it , White Sox was always going to be my team as I watched a bit of NFL in the 80's and rooted for the Bears , love the game now . I like forums , I'm a Moderator on a HiFi forum and the average age is pretty old, I read a bit on here but usually feel a bit out of my depth to post anything constructive towards the game threads .
  3. I have no idea what is going on , this sort of thing doesn't exist over here
  4. How much do the Dodgers want for Chris Taylor.
  5. My fourth season following the Sox and definite progress plus who could forget the Field of Dreams game , brilliant , when's the movie coming out .
  6. Just caught the hi-lights , dire straits at 5-1 but oh what a brilliant response
  7. "He’s so clutch" Not a phrase we use over here what's it mean ?
  8. Hey ! Arsenal have won things recently , my team hasn't won anything since 1995 .
  9. It's gonna be a tough season like always but nice to have you on board . Great start 3-1 the Blues .
  10. English Premier League kicks off this weekend , I'm not looking past Man City or Chelsea to be eventual winners .
  11. Pandemic has hit the Spanish La Liga and money is scarce , Barca were supposed to be getting Liverpool's Wijnaldum on a free but wages were a problem and he also went to PSG . Barca also let Suarez go last season , probably a wages cut as well .
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