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  1. I wonder how much Shawn Estes would cost us?
  2. Which one do you think is better?
  3. Why would we want Hollandsworth? Give Joe Borchard or if not him Jeff Leffer a chance.
  4. they'll make a solid 1-2 punch:)
  5. I dont see Thomas signing a deal for 5-6 mil, why would he leave all that guaranteed money? If he cant get at least something close to what the Sox's offered(5 mil + 5 mil deferred), why would he leave guaranteed money.
  6. Evans is an idiot, but is he dumb enough to put Frank back at first. That alone makes me think Frank will be back with the Sox's. Why would a NL team pay 10 mil a year for a DH? Then again what the hell do i know...
  7. If it is true, theres no way they could do all that by the start of 2003, so maybe its a long term project.
  8. How do you know that he's a Rule 5 Draft pick?
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