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  1. QUOTE (2005thxfrthmmrs @ Oct 3, 2016 -> 03:28 PM) Boston and LA aren't giving up that much for Sale and Quintana. If I'm a playoff team, I'd be concern with Sale since he has inevitably faded in the second half each of the past 4 years, and that's without throwing a single pitch in the playoffs. Urias has a chance to be something special, no reason to think he couldn't throw 160 innings next year. He's definitely MLB ready, so he's worth more than Quintana alone. There's only realistically 3-4 guys Dodgers would trade him for, and none of which are pitchers. i am with you on Sale. but how much has the fiasco of the problems that faced the sox last yr esp in the beginning had to do with that. but no one can not denied the talent of both sale or Q. now to the org question, what to do..... for me, it is too early to tell.
  2. QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Oct 3, 2016 -> 03:31 PM) I'd love to see one of Hahn or KW gone, preferably KW, just so things can be simple enough to allow the team to have a clear direction. That said, not to be picky, but I really had no issue with the Rollins signing. Anderson was definitely not ready yet, and no one can pretend they knew Saladino would be as good as he's been. It was a signing that made sense at the time, and wasn't a big deal. well hahn or kw.... i really have an opinion on what you mention, but the great part of being a fan is now, at this time, the off-season. the building or rebuilding of the team and the way the team need to address. was all the moves the sox did last yr was a mistake..... no way it just didn't work out for whatever reason. now comes the debate on what the sox need to do to fix this team, from a fan perspective. buyers or sellers..... that is going to be a tough decision the FO will need to come to terms with.
  3. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 3, 2016 -> 02:36 PM) They aren't going to fire themselves. It's a group effort. It never was Hahn was the brains behind the good stuff, KW and JR were the idiots behind the bad. They all are responsible. Unless JR sells or someone resigns, it's going to be the decision making line up no matter what the results. What scares me is Hahn is already boasting about this last draft. That is way too soon, and puts a little more pressure on these new pros. We were all pretty excited about Courtney Hawkins after a couple of months. Let them develop without the burden. Chances are most will be nothing. hahn has a right to boast of last yr draft. some of them are really developing. besides the pitching, i really like JF development and my thoughts are, can he be ready to produce at the big league..... i leave that to others, i am not good at the analyzing of that talent.
  4. QUOTE (Dunt @ Oct 3, 2016 -> 02:34 PM) I dont understand how anyone can keep their job after the Shields misstep. I really hope some people are fired in the pro scouting department today. i was and in some way very critical of the sox FO as anyone. but i still thought back then, getting Shields was a good gamble. who would have known that JS would have produce as he did. pls think back, many posters were not happy at the way the sox was going into the season, esp in the SP dept. i just hoped they, the owners learned from their mistake. now the BIG QUESTION is, are the sox going to be buyers or sellers????
  5. well a new change is coming. for good or bad, my opinion on RV tenure is what it is, i wanted to really give him a chance last yr and now he had his chance..... i do wish him the best and i really do think he really tried. i give a lot of thanks to the owners for giving him that last yr. too bad nothing came of it. here is looking for the new regime at the helm go sox!!
  6. well looking at this team from afar, i still can't believe at how this team is turning out. the owners are sitting on the decision of RV and i think far too long. this team i feel is still close. look at the assets and trade from there. trade Robertson, Q, Shields and yes Frazier. get a couple of young pitcher, more help in the near ready prospects and or young players .... build around this group. replace the cf, dh cat and pitching. here is a question, with what happen in the summer, do any think that may be a main reasoning for Eaton maybe being traded?? i will blame this whole season on the owner and RV.
  7. QUOTE (Lip Man 1 @ Jul 21, 2016 -> 08:27 PM) Legit point plus that person would have to know they'd be working possibly on a short timeline since there is no way to know how long JR will continue to own the franchise. It's not like said person knows he'll be around for 30 years. Like I said, the Sox have no quick and easy solutions. Everything is intertwined and you simply can't solve the issues going from A to B to C in a logical progression. Simply a very bad situation. Mark a nice post, i would like to think that they, the org is serious about developing a core, a core to build around.
  8. QUOTE (ZoomSlowik @ Apr 16, 2016 -> 04:23 AM) Definitely this. Byron Mullens looked like a monster on his high school mixtapes too. but with Thon, many has to also remember is, he will be developing both socially and physically next yr. he will be maturing, so yeah, as of right now, he is a raw prospect. during the pre-draft process, we will get a better feel for him as rpts will filter out of these camps.
  9. QUOTE (ZoomSlowik @ Apr 16, 2016 -> 03:23 AM) Definitely this. Byron Mullens looked like a monster on his high school mixtapes too. i will give credit to those who are saying that he is a kid going up hs'ers. but next yr, he will also have another yr of growth and development on his side, he will have another yr of maturity and better understanding of his body and of the game. don't get me wrong, i think he should go the college route, but he is not. oh well. i will wait for the predraft camps to hear the rpts on him.
  10. QUOTE (chw42 @ Apr 15, 2016 -> 05:21 PM) I noticed Latos threw a lot more cutters yesterday. More than all other types of fastballs combined actually. I wonder if Coop is telling him to throw it more. Given his low velocity right now, it's probably better to throw something with more movement on it. what was latos profile like, meaning his type of pitches and the speed of his fastball before last yr???
  11. LDF

    4/14 Games

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Apr 15, 2016 -> 04:05 PM) Recap posted. Kinda surprised on Dopico getting hammered for a second straight game. He was double-promoted and I heard good things from multiple people in the offseason. it was nice to see ej and webb getting some nice write up. my second fav player, guerrero, didn't fare too well. re lassiter is starting to make be believe. nice write up.
  12. LDF

    4/14 Games

    QUOTE (BlackSox13 @ Apr 15, 2016 -> 05:39 AM) The Sox bumped alot of kids up a level so the early struggles aren't that surprising to me. Then there's players like Engel and Michalczewski that were moved up despite having rather average seasons last year in A ball. Not that they should not have been moved up, just might take a bit to adapt to the higher level of competition. Plus, Michalczewski is pretty young for AA. I'll be much more concerned if some of the minor leaguers haven't adapted by the time June rolls around. i totally agree, the object of minor leagues is to develop, while have those team do well, it would be nice, but in essence, it is more for developing the players. for me, i will wait until june to decide.
  13. QUOTE (scs787 @ Apr 15, 2016 -> 02:56 PM) Wow, that's really surprising to me. Kid looks like a monster. I guess basing things off a mixtape highlight reel is a bad way to scout a kid. yeah i agree, but his talent alone looks superb, so got to see in the pre-draft camps.
  14. QUOTE (scs787 @ Apr 15, 2016 -> 02:17 PM) Thon Maker cleared for the NBA draft out of HS. If you don't know who he is, YouTube him, he looks fantastic. Where do you think a guy like him will go? I would love replacing Pau and Noah with this guy. Probably no chance unless they get lucky in the lottery right? man, i really like that song in the background... any ideas?? now ref to Thon, i see him as a #2-3 kind of a pick, just on pure talent. but i still think Ben Simmons is the bona fide #1. hands down.
  15. LDF

    **2016 Films Thread**

    QUOTE (WilliamTell @ Apr 15, 2016 -> 05:04 AM) I'm sure it's just the nostalgic factor but wow am I excited for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Maybe it's because I went into the first one expecting it to be terrible and came out pleased. By no means was the first one great but it was entertaining. Add Bebop and Rocksteady, Krang and Casey Jones, now it's just like being a kid again. yeah i agree and i am not really embarrass about seeing it and enjoying it. i went as i did for the first harry potter movie with a lady who had kids. you know what i enjoyed it and i will see the second one, even if it is by myself. good entertainment.
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