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  1. I'll repost this from SSS for anyone interested. Just as a bit of background, I'm in Strasbourg right now -- I'm taking a two-week summer class here learning about the EU.
  2. QUOTE (BearSox @ Jun 5, 2008 -> 08:29 PM) Beckham is that scrappy type of player who will undoubtedly be a 2B in the future. Undoubtedly, huh? So you know something that guys like Keith Law (among others) don't? By the way... this isn't to say that I think he'll stay at SS. My point is that you don't know, and painting it as you did -- "undoubtedly" -- is pretty absurd/comical. There are questions whether he'll stay at SS, but I haven't read anywhere that it's a foregone conclusion that he won't be there.
  3. QUOTE (JuiceCruz16 @ May 27, 2008 -> 03:56 PM) Buzz gets one of Wisconsin's best to stay in state and go to Marquette. Jeronne Maymon is a solid 4 star with some size. The "BUZZ" era is starting to settle in. Yeah -- he's got Erik Williams for that class, too, so that's two top 100 recruits for that 2009-2010 class. I'm still somewhat horrified at the prospects of the post James-Matthews-Mcneal era, but so far, so good for Buzz.
  4. QUOTE (santo=dorf @ May 26, 2008 -> 09:30 PM) We better invade Google. This made me giggle. Anybody else reminded of David Cross' patriotism bit on "Shut Up You f***ing Baby"?
  5. QUOTE (lostfan @ May 21, 2008 -> 10:32 PM) Obama doesn't really know s*** about economics... and I'm hoping he contrasts himself with someone who does. My question is... do any of the candidates? I'd rather the candidate be honest and admit to a level of ignorance on the topic, but be able to surround themselves with people who do know what they're doing (in that specific area)...
  6. QUOTE (fathom @ May 21, 2008 -> 01:36 AM) Rose is the most athletic point guard I've ever seen. Not a good shooter at this point, but he's the type of guy who improves every game. He wasn't a good shooter, but he's got a good shot -- that's in my completely ametur opinion. And by good shot I mean he's got good mechanics, at least with his wrist.... as opposed to another certain point guard who attends a certain school in a certain city of Milwaukee (//rant).
  7. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ May 14, 2008 -> 07:55 PM) I didn't say he'd be there this year, but I think he has that sort of upside. I was making a relatively outlandish statement though and I deserve the heat cause you are probably right (based on the age thing). Have the Sox decided on his future in the field yet? In other words, do they want to keep trying him at 2B or are they just going to get on with it and move him to the OF (presumably CF)?
  8. QUOTE (fathom @ May 7, 2008 -> 01:25 AM) How many expected voters in Lake Co? I think CNN said its population is something like 8% of the state (correct me if I'm wrong, someone).
  9. QUOTE (Texsox @ May 5, 2008 -> 06:53 PM) Really? Killing babies with graphic blood? Flying planes into towers? Animated sex with animals? Animated sex with kids? Torture of children, animals? None of those would be banned in your world? This probably means we should also star going through libraries and ban any *fiction* books that contain any of the above. Yep, it's the video games that makes us young whippersnappers violent. Gosh damn, can David Cross please chime in right about now?
  10. I'm not watching the game (only peeking in on Gameday) -- can someone explain "Stewart singles on groundball to Ozuna" for me. Is it yet another defensive gaffe by Pablo?
  11. So... how useless is Pablo Ozuna? Let's see: Can't hit... check. Can't field... check. (But by golly he can suck at multiple spots on the field! Versatility, baby!) Can't run anymore... check. (I'm exaggerating a bit here, but when one of your top claim is that your fast... well, Pablo's below-average for a 'speedy' player). It sucks, too, because the Sox have at least three players (Bourg, Getz and Owens -- if only for the fact that he's actually fast) who'd be better suited for the bench than Ozuna.
  12. QUOTE (fathom @ May 4, 2008 -> 02:56 AM) Owings vs Dempster....your thoughts? Seriously? I wouldn't bet money either way, baseball's too variable and I don't know enough about Owings. If forced I'd lean towards Owings because even if he's a 5.00 ERA pitcher, he still adds value on offense. Your implication in your posts about Dempster are hilarious, though. You're certainly correct about Dempster, though -- his 22-to-19 K-to-BB ratio and his .192 BABIP don't scream "luck" one bit. Nope, not at all.
  13. QUOTE (fathom @ May 4, 2008 -> 02:49 AM) Yeah, that 3.16 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, and .173 batting average makes me think he should be out of the rotation. 4 of Owings 6 starts have been against the offensive powerhouses of the Giants/Padres/Dodgers to account for a 4.66 ERA. I like Owings, but he wouldn't even be higher than a 5th starter in the AL. LOL -- funniest post ever. You've had a banner week making a big deal out of one month of the season for multiple players. Keep up the good work.
  14. QUOTE (Texsox @ Apr 30, 2008 -> 02:30 PM) If you really believe that being high has never caused someone to have a fatal accident, that's wonderful. Keep posting, I crack up every time you start this rant. This coming from the guy who cited a person falling off a balcony deck as an anti-marijuana argument? That's awesome. I understand you gotta have an opinion on everything, though -- kind of par for the course type of thing.
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