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  1. SmokeandMirrors

    Xbox 360

    QUOTE(BobDylan @ Jul 4, 2006 -> 10:25 PM) Does anyone in this thread follow the gaming world? The PS3 is being released at 2 prices: $499 and $599, and if you think one hundred extra dollars is bad, just take a look back at the success Sony and Playstation have previously had. They're matching, plus upping Microsoft and in the meantime, they still have soul rights to some of the best video game companies on the market (where Microsoft lacks). Are you kidding me? In 1997 Final Fantasy 7 cost $75 dollars when it first hit the shelves. This is nothing new by any means. The Xbox-360 is a hunk of s***, anyone that buys that thing will be horribly disappointed. It ALREADY has hardware failure problems, and given they didn't do anything to better the laser that reads the discs, it'll die out in 2-3 years just like all the first generation X-Box's did (PS2's do as well). Wii could be a force, but I think they have more of a gimmick than anything. Regardless, the PS3 is reported to have some of the same features the Wii is banking their whole future on (motion sensor's). The one thing I LOVE about the Wii, however, is that you can download all the classic Nintendo and SNES games from online (free, I've heard). All and all, the PS3, from the looks of it, will easily be the best buy in the newest generation of video games just as the PS2 was. Not to mention they are already prepared to actually have systems in stores. While I've never been one to argue over video games or systems for that matter (and honestly, I don't intend to get a big system war started), I do disagree with some of what you said. I do understand that Sony has had amazing success with the Playstation and the PS2, but you can't honestly justify the $500-$600 price of the system. Sure, when figuring everything up, it looks to be a better buy than the 360 (and yes, I do intend to buy a PS3), but the majority of the people won't even use/need half the stuff in the PS3. One of Sony's employees claims that you're paying for potential, well, what if someone doesn't want to pay over half a grand for potential? What if they just want to play games and could care less whether it's on a Blu-Ray disc or if it has Wi-Fi or HDMI? Heck, I'm sure some of Sony's supporters have no clue what some of that even is. Also, I hardly think the 360 is a hunk of s***. I've had the thing since Nov. and I haven't yet been disappointed. Even when mine crapped out on me, at least Microsoft was willing to take it back free of charge. Did Sony offer to do that for my launch PS2? Nope. I happen to like the games that the 360 has. Just like I like the FF series or MGS or Gran Turismo, among others that the Playstation provides. My intention is to own all three systems this year. I missed out on some of the great games the Gamecube offered last gen. Also, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high on Sony having enough PS3s to go around, especially with the worldwide release. I mean, you've got to consider that many want the $600 version. So, with Sony releasing only 2 mil worldwide, most likely 800,000 of those will be the $500 version. Leaving just 1.2 mil of the $600 for everyone (sure, I can't back these numbers up as they are just guesses, but it will most likely be close to that).
  2. SmokeandMirrors

    Xbox 360

    I picked up my 360 at launch and have been very satisfied with it. I'll usually play it daily (if I have the free time). I do have to admit that my first one did go out on me, but again that was a launch system and my friend accidentally knocking it off my desk didn't help it. The second one so far has been very solid with zero problems. So, if you're planning to pick one up, this would probably be the best time for it. Most of the bugs and problems should be worked out by now. I've also got to agree with Buehrle>Wood here, NCAA Football isn't quite up to par with the graphics the system is capable of. That's not to say it will be a bad game, however. NCAA Basketball (when compared to NBA 2k6 or NBA Live 2006) looked absolutely horrible, but was still a decent game. There has also been a bit of a drought with game releases lately, but with you buying the system now you'll have a lot to play. Of course it all depends on your taste in games, but Project Gotham Racing 3 is pretty good, along with; Oblivion, Fight Night Round 3, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Hitman: Blood Money, Table Tennis (as DBAHO said), Moto GP 2006, Dead or Alive 4, Call of Duty 2 and Kameo (yes, I know.. looks like a kiddy game, but you'll be surprised). You'll also find a lot of solid games on the Xbox Live Marketplace.
  3. QUOTE(kyyle23 @ May 9, 2006 -> 07:44 AM) Here is the new PS3 controller I hope that little thing can take a beating, because controllers generally do. Actually, the controller was changed. It no longer looks like a boomerang. Which is a shame.. now if you throw them in anger they won't return to you. If you go to ebgames.com and click on the PS3 link under Specialty Shops you can check out the controller. It looks exactly like the PS2 one, except it's wireless and has a guide button in the middle (not quite the size of the 360 controller guide button though).
  4. I was one of the lucky few to actually get my pre-ordered 360. Somehow I managed to squeeze into the first shipment. I do agree with SoxPhan7 though, with the launch titles there wasn't much of a difference, at least in SD. FNR3 and GRAW look incredible in HD. Of course when it came to getting HD, I just took the cheap route. I picked up the VGA cable for $40 and now have my 360 hooked up to my 24" monitor. As far as the PS3 goes I'm hoping Sony will manage to release it in November without the insane shortage the 360 had. Unlikely, but I can dream.
  5. SmokeandMirrors

    XBox 360

    To answer the original question of, "Is it an upgrade?". At launch, I'd say yes, but a minor one. For those that say the games are very underwhelming (not pointing fingers here, as there are many that have said the same thing), I can see where they are coming from. You do have to understand that the launch games aren't fully optimized though. Heck, it's the same for every system. The games that come out the year after or later on down the road are always better graphic and stability wise. As far as it being worth buying.. I'd say yes to that also. I'd suggest looking at the games and doing some research though (of course that's best to do with any system) to see if it fits what you're looking for. Again, like I do in most of my posts in game/system threads, I'd like to suggest that if you can afford it you should get as many of the systems as you can. Considering that they all offer or will offer very good games that are only available for that system. Back to the topic at hand, if you're looking to get the 360 at or around launch, then a few of the games to look up would be, Perfect Dark Zero, NBA 2k6, Madden 06 Condemned: Criminal Origins, Project Gotham Racing, Call of Duty 2, and Kameo: Elements of Power. Now, when you look up Kameo.. be sure to do it with an open mind. Yes, it looks a bit like a kiddy game, but it is rated Teen and the gameplay is pretty solid. There are other launch games that you might be interested in too, but those are the ones that people are hoping will be great (and some may very well be). To look ahead at games coming out next year you should also check out Gears of War, Saints Row, The Outfit, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and Dead Rising. If anyone would like I'd be more than happy to PM them some links to screenshot and video sites for any of the games I've mentioned. Also, I'll answer any questions concerning the system. I'm no expert, but I have followed the system closely since June, so feel free to ask. Oh and I'm not trying to argue with nitetrain here, but I wouldn't reserve the system. Especially being in Chicago or any big city for that matter. Many places have been sold out of 1st and 2nd pre-order shipments for months now and they have no idea when they will be getting the 2nd. Half of the places will tell you a couple weeks, others will say months. You're better off just camping outside a WalMart, Best Buy, Target, etc., the midnight of or whenever the store plans to open that day. Good luck to all of you that do plan to purchase one on launch day and perhaps I'll see you on Xbox Live sometime.
  6. SmokeandMirrors


    QUOTE(Buehrle>Wood @ Sep 18, 2005 -> 09:10 PM) Nintendo also owns the rights to the Battallion Wars(Advance Wars), Fire Emblem, F-Zero, Kirby, Pokemon, Kid Icarus, EarthBound, Eternal Darkness, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Geist franchises. All of these will likely be seeing a Sequel on the Revolution. Where have you heard that there might be an EarthBound sequel on the Revolution? The N64 version (Mother 3/EarthBound 2) was cancelled nearly 8 years ago and I haven't read or heard anything about there being a new one. Though I will admit that if there does happen to be a sequel I will probably pick up the Revolution.. I miss that RPG series.
  7. There were a few others I thought of as well, but Jack Black was by far the best one.
  8. I've got to agree with whitesoxfan13. I mean honestly, what is the sense in getting all worked up over video games and consoles? While I can understand that perhaps some cannot afford to have 2 or 3 consoles and be able to enjoy them all, I am unable to understand why many are so easily worked up over a certain game/console. I'm not trying to make this arguement worse, but the first thing that always pops into my head in these situations is jealousy. Though I doubt that to be the real reason.. at least for many. Anyway, in an attempt to cut this down, they are just games.. entertainment. They should be treated as such. There is absolutely no reason to get so worked up over them.
  9. Tuesday is now the official date. If you check out MVP's site at easports, the banner now lists it as in stores Feb. 22.
  10. I called EB last night and they said that it will ship Tuesday and they will have it in on Wednesday. Of course there could be places that will have it Tuesday, so I'd suggest calling around.
  11. I agree that Madden hasn't really had a big improvement in a couple years, but again ESPN hasn't had that many big ones either. We'll just have to see how this will all play out next year I suppose. I honestly hope that EA will put a lot of work into Madden next year to make it appealing to everyone and I hope that Take Two will do the same with their baseball game. In the long run though I've got this feeling that these deals will only hurt the sport genre.
  12. Geez, don't get too excited now, Jeckle. Did EA steal your lunch money or something? Also, to say that Take Two will work hard to improve their sport games is a bit of a dream. Now I'm not saying this because I hate their games, not even close, but if you look at all sport games you'll realize that they hardly have any improvements from year to year. Take ESPN Baseball this year, what are the improvements? Polished graphics, some tweaks to the pitching and batting, roster upgrade, and some new animations. Also I'm sure the franchise mode will also get some new stuff added as well. Now, look at MVP baseball, they've added ownership mode (no surprise, since they've been adding it to every EA sports game), improved the minor leagues (another improvement that was some what expected), and have also tweaked the pitching and batting, along with adding some new animations. This is the same for most sport games, it's not limited to baseball. And it's certainly not limited to just EA. And to once again bring up the point of Take Two making improvements to their sport games, what makes you so sure that they will? Because they own the rights to the MLBPA? Well, all I can say is don't be too sure about it, this means that they don't have any competition to put pressure on them to put in a bunch of awe inspiring improvements.
  13. While this is very upsetting (especially for people that buy MVP for the Gamecube or PC), it doesn't mean that MVP Baseball is gone forever. It looks that way, but the deal only stops third party baseball games. So, if EA were to strike a deal with either Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, EA would still be able to make MVP, but only for one of the consoles and possibly PC. Also, this is Take Two Interactive's doing. Sega is officially out of the sports genre. If you look through gamespot's news they had the story up yesterday.
  14. Take Two Interactive owns Rockstar Games. Which means they've made the Grand Theft Auto series, Midnight Club series, Red Dead Revolver, etc. They also own Global Star Software.
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