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  1. Feeding is very important too, my wife and avoiding dairy, garlic, and onions...... We notice a difference in our baby when i make a cooking mistake ..
  2. The wedge goes under the mattress typically. Our sons cried all the time, needed constant bouncing, and never slept......i am holding our 3 week old daughter now and she is completely different. Also, our sons would wiggle in pain so much they would almost jump out if our arms. .
  3. So, much experience with this. Big possibility of reflux/gerd. I suggest baby sleeping with a crib wedge. If the baby sounds congested after eating, it sounds like reflux. There are all different kinds of formula to help, Alimentum helped us. We had to get imaging done to see the reflux. Also could be driven by some intolerance, our kids had milk protein issues. The treatments that work are not fda approved, but work wonders. You need a GI doc that will listen, some do not. It normally manifests between week three and 6.....
  4. I hurt my hip flexor in a car accident. While not the same, when I tried to get out of the car I could not walk. Every step was like needles inside of my hip. I also have weird spurts where all the sudden the pain returns and I have to stand still for a few minutes before I try to walk again. I did do physical therapy, there were no MRI's or anything, but it is something that lingers at times for me. I am sure it is something that i can probably control with more exercise, weight loss, and all the normal stuff but man, when it flares up, it is paralyzing. I remember being out to eat with my wife, my hip acted up, and i had to stop every ten feet and sit down for a few minutes until she could pull the car around. Then all the sudden, it was "okay". I am hoping for the best for Robert, but it is painful.
  5. QUOTE (hammerhead johnson @ Jul 18, 2013 -> 10:48 AM) I thought he was wearing a ring? Maybe I imagined it. That was so long ago. You are probably right, I remember the Farmio going nuts over it (at least I think I do) The Sox had a ton of suspensions, even Jerry Manuel was suspended for a game. He stayed at the team hotel and dressed as a bellhop when the team either left or arrived for the game. That was a fun year!
  6. I was at that game with my dad...great day for a baseball game! Rumor going around was that Karim Garcia sucker punched Foulke with something in his hand (brass knuckle like...). I always hated Fick after that game, he always seemed to cause trouble (2003 for the Braves running over the Cubs Pitcher (Matt Clement?) in the playoffs...) Todd Jones came running out of that dugout like crazy....soon after that day, Tanyon Sturtze was traded to the Devil Rays for either Graffanino or Herbert Perry who became needed after Greg Norton tore up his knee That was a great team so much fun to watch! I thought the trade with the Orioles for Charles Johnson where we gave up Brook Fordyce changed the dynamic of the team somehow, having a different catcher may have had some effect on the pitching staff
  7. Oh they will never forget when I tell them how bad Bobak's sausage is and why cant we return to the good days. I will agree, the sausage did taste pretty crappy. It's just not the same.
  8. QUOTE (Reddy @ Feb 23, 2010 -> 11:55 AM) that bit had me a tad confused for a moment. then i re-read. See, that is why I was a math major......spelling is not my strong suit! I am so smart! I am so smart! SMRT! Do'oh!
  9. I have looked at it as well, i was a Math major at Loyola. I only started to review for the first test, the Series P Exam, which was basically a review of Pron and Stats. It seemes doable, but would require a lot more time than i had. I know that to get hired, most firms would like to see you pass at least two exams. I have friends who could pass those tests, but i figure it would have a really tough time and decided against it. Good luck! Check with the Actuarial Society in Chicago, i think you can get practice tests there!
  10. What about melting Velveeta? Like the commercial, mix it with some Rotel and you have an instant Nacho Dip!
  11. QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Feb 1, 2010 -> 12:39 AM) That is one beautiful car JPN. Mustangs are the only Fords I really like. Anyway, "girl car" is subjective. My car (model/color in pic below) is called a girls car because of its horn and "cuteness". Well, it was my moms (she got my grandmas Lincoln, but didn't like it, and was able to sell it to mostly cover an 09 black Honda Accord), and is the newest car in the highschool in terms of years. Quite frankly, if you like you're car, you're good. Quick note: My car is also the only car that runs decently at the highschool. It just sucks in snow. Mazda 3's are really nice cars, my girlfriend has one, it has the 2.3 liter engine and has a lot of pickup. I can not say anything because i drive a 2005.5 Jetta. It is a damm nice car, but is considered a "chick" car, but man, those seat warmers in the winter kick butt. But then again, the ones who make fun of cars are the ones who drive P.O.S. cars or have no car and beg for rides!
  12. QUOTE (Pods70Rowand33 @ Jan 19, 2010 -> 05:33 PM) Will be graduating in May, and hopefully going to grad school in the fall. But here is what I got, probably one of my hardest semesters but it seems to be one of the more fun semesters: Physical Chem II Adv. Organic Chem Differential Equations Research Seminar Poetry Dif EQ was one of the most fun and easiest of the Math classes i took. it is wierd, it is like applied multivariable calc! I have always heard Orgo is a tough class, it was used to weed out "those who were not worthy". Thank god i never took any chemistry...
  13. From what little i kno about my dogs, it seems like the dog could have a bladder or a urinary tract infection. I know that it has happened to my lab a few times and she was always going to the bathroom, but just a little bit at a time. I am not sure if that is the case with yours though! The dog could also be craving attention, our dog has a tendancy to do that as well. Being a small dog also means small bladder....who knows!
  14. QUOTE (Sonik22 @ Dec 25, 2009 -> 09:24 PM) White Sox blanket SIU Blanket Framed White Sox jersey evolution picture Money (most will be used to buy a B'hawks jersey) Gift Cards Panini grill Bose In-ear headphones I got that pic too, it is pretty sweet! small christmas, half the family is laid off but got: 25 dollar menards gift card 2 lionel train cars baseball cards - did pull a Beckham rookie from the packs! Family Guy star wars 2-Pack - already watched last night!
  15. I was at a game in 1998 with my drunken uncles and my best friend against the yankees in the third row, first base side. Drunken uncle # 1 was heckling Jeter all day long calling him a very bad three letter word. I tried to explain he was dating Mariah Carey, which would make that term useless. Jeter gets to first base, Uncle keeps yelling, and Jeter and Frank Thomas are just shaking there heads. Same game, hot girl on the kiss cam or something who was just a section over. Drunk uncle yells "show me your tits", the section was cheering, she was embarrased. Camera then moves to a big fat hairy guy who lifts his shirt, licks his fingers, and rubs his nipples! Another game, same seats, jose Cruz Jr. Drops three fly balls. He catches one to end an inning comes running into the dugout, we gave him a standing ovation and he tipped his cap to us. Pretty cool gesture!
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