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  1. QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ May 17, 2015 -> 08:25 PM) Well, you really don't want to be paying a guy $14.5M to be your 5th starter, but it's too late to worry about that now and just hope he keeps it going. That ship has definitely sailed. He's going to be paid a ton of money whether he's pitching well or not, so we should just do what you said and hope for the best. If he can keep us in the game and give our offense a shot to win us the game, that's just a bonus. And even better if he's our #5 instead of our #4a or #4b.
  2. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Mar 20, 2015 -> 02:39 PM) Agreed. It seems a bit premature, but that seems to be the way MLB works nowadays, no complaints. It's how it works if you don't want to have to pay $200M for a player. Not saying Eaton would ever attain that level of play, but if you lock up your young players before they hit their prime and take some risk on them, they're MUCH more likely to take a discount and the guaranteed wealth. Brilliant signing by the Sox, on one of the best leadoff hitters in the AL. If he can improve on his SB ability, he can take that next step to being one of the top leadoff guys in the game.
  3. QUOTE (GreenSox @ Mar 18, 2015 -> 05:33 PM) If Penny's the leading candidate for 5th starter, who is the 4th starter? The guy making $16M a year, lol
  4. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 24, 2015 -> 01:24 PM) The problem is first getting to the playoffs. With one of the best 1-2-3 punches in all of baseball in our rotation, an improved offense, and what figures to be a much-improved bullpen, I'll say we have as good a chance as anyone in the AL at playing meaningful games in October. Especially if Rodon is added to the mix at any point and produces like we're hoping he will.
  5. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Feb 27, 2015 -> 03:12 PM) I don't think anybody is even giving you that for John Danks. The Cubs got Tommy La Stella. Tommy La Stella is a cheap, average-ish player. You still have to give something of value to get that value, and I'm just not sure we see that with Danks. Well they weren't the most effective innings, but John threw 193 of them last year and didn't miss a start. You could do a lot worse from a #5 starter. I think he'll be better this year, maybe shave a half run per game off his ERA, and that should allow the Sox to unload him if they pay some of his contract. Though at that point, a #5 starter who takes the ball every 5th day and gives the team an ERA in the 4.25 range isn't a terrible thing to have, even at his salary. These days, anyway.
  6. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 26, 2015 -> 02:50 PM) and Derrick Jeter would invite you to his HOF party... but you aren't cool enough. Derek*
  7. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 26, 2015 -> 01:53 PM) Patrick Kane laughs in your general direction. As does Babe Ruth. You know, if he were alive.
  8. Yep, Nate has a big arm. Let's hope he can come back healthy, could be a very solid addition to what could very well be an already solid bullpen by the time he's ready.
  9. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Feb 16, 2015 -> 06:29 PM) http://i.imgur.com/lLBXsuK.png I thought this was the closest thing to accurate out there right now...compared to all the stats-oriented sites. Sox at 82 wins, Cubs at 81....Tigers at 86 1/2, Royals 83 and Indians 81. Twins at 68 1/2. Btw, the Astros have a lot of work to do to face the Cubs in the 2017 World Series, still at only 73 1/2. Can't say that I would be supremely disappointed (because it would be another big improvement record-wise) but it depends if most of those wins come in the 2nd half when the team's too far out, or the record is even better and someone runs away with it and guys like Samardzija are dealt (or maybe there's an injury in the pitching staff, Ramirez or OF, etc.) Probably it's setting up to feel more like 2012, except with a lot more optimism for the future as opposed to feeling the results that year were kind of fluky with all the rookie pitchers overperforming until the end. That's why they play the games, though. It's a loooong season, and as we've seen before in sports, ANYTHING can happen. The Sox have question marks just like every other team in baseball, so let's get out there and see what happens. If they can manage to stay healthy, I like their chances at being competitive day in and day out. That's all you can ask for as a fan.
  10. QUOTE (Reddy @ Feb 8, 2015 -> 06:26 PM) You're right. Your opinion is most certainly more accurate than unbiased statistics. Are you familiar with BABIP? The only thing that matters is winning and losing. When the Sox brought in that loser, they usually lost. And sure, BABIP goes up a lot when you suck s*** and allow line drives all over the field.
  11. QUOTE (Reddy @ Feb 8, 2015 -> 05:58 PM) Sorry, it was a 1 WARP according to BP. He had a 3.57 FIP and a 9.1 VORP, making him our third most valuable pitcher last season. He had a .339 BABIP. He was unlucky. The guy got SHELLED almost every time I suffered through watching him try to pitch. He really, really, really sucked badly, and if you're going to bring in some geek new age "stats" to try to convince anyone that he was "unlucky" instead of downright F'ing awful, you're wasting your time. He sucked. So bad. And there's no arguing it. 3rd most valuable pitcher LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. QUOTE (Reddy @ Feb 8, 2015 -> 08:07 AM) I have no idea about runners, but I'm sure that there are MORE people with faster times now, than at any other point in history. Additionally, you're right! The elbow CAN'T handle it! That's why 33% of pitchers in baseball had TJ surgery last year! The difference is that most of them will come back stronger than before! Meaning there are MORE good pitchers now, than at any other time in history. Just like runners. Usually your posts are so logical and well thought out. I'm surprised. Lol, they did? Do you mean there was a 33% increase?
  13. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Feb 7, 2015 -> 10:23 PM) I remember how Liriano looked when he came into the league in 06. He made Johan look less than spectacular. Chris Sale does that all the bloody time, and Sale isn't the best pitcher in the league. All other things equal, he just might be. What do you think his numbers would be if he pitched half his games at Dodger Stadium or Petco and faced the NL West half the time?
  14. QUOTE (Stev-o @ Jan 29, 2015 -> 05:21 PM) JR has the money! Nah. He's broke. Didn't you know?
  15. QUOTE (thxfrthmmrs @ Jan 21, 2015 -> 07:35 PM) Viciedo never dominated the minors the way Avi did the last year and a half. For every DV there's also a C. Lee. I am betting on a .290-20-80 2 WAR season. I don't know much about WAR, but you're suggesting that .290, 20, and 80, would only result in a WAR of 2?
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