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  1. I'm heading out there with about ten other Chicagoans. Our tickets are along the 3rd base line for Saturday and the Upper Deck for Sunday. Farnese!
  2. I kinda got that same feeling. We could have given Thomas a pittance compared to what we gave Thome, kept Rowand, and had a bunch of extra dough to spend elsewhere. I say that without knowing exactly what the health of each player is (and understanding that hindsight is 20/20), but still, the point is that all this being equal health-wise, you'd rather have a Thomas than a Thome;especially when considering what Thomas' contract went for. I quess the question must be asked, whos the bigger health risk? and to follow up, whos contract $'s was worth that risk? What do you all think?
  3. My hernia was more annoying than anything. I could do everything I normaly could, but always had to work aournd the lump in my abdomen. Weather it be lifting or push/pulling, it just made the task more difficult and cumbersome. I really couldnt imagine having to run a lot, not to mention very fast, with it. Hopefully with this cleared up, Pods will be much improved.
  4. Swivelhips


    Here's some other Sox Songs; a few of them are actually pretty good, although pretty old: White Sox Songs Go Sox! is one of my favorites.
  5. Not sure, but here's the WhiteSox.com page about it: First Pitch Hope it helps.
  6. You can put this one under "Cub Bashing": Why don't the cubs have a Web page? Because they can't string three W's in a row, Ba-Dum Ching!
  7. You know, not for nothin, but the 1st and/or 3rd plate umpire can and do often call off the home plate umpire all the time (check swings, home runs...), so if either of them didn't call him out, being that they had a better sight of the pitch/play, it would seem to me that thier call is the better and more correct one... what do you guys think?
  8. QUOTE(Wedge @ Oct 10, 2005 -> 10:52 PM) I'm not going to feel close to comfortable unless we get a 2-0 lead leaving Chicago. Their starting rotation is pedestrian, but that bullpen is damn good. Really, If we can't get out to a quick 2-0 lead, considering the circumstances, a lot of momentum will be lost...but we know what they say about momentum...
  9. Over on the Red Sox boards(SOSH) they were praying for a rain out tomorrow so that Wells wouls be able to pitch game 5 instead of Clement.....hehe.
  10. QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Oct 4, 2005 -> 07:48 AM) Thank you. I am glad I am not the only one who remembers Hizzonar in Atlanta for the 2003 playoffs sporting a Cubs hat. Screw him. There are plenty of people I would rather see throw out the first pitch, and Frank Thomas is way up the list. Come on, he's the mayor of Chicago, of coarse he had to at least appear he was rooting for the Cubs, anyone of us would have done the same(and regardless of what any sox fan has to say about it, it would have been good for the city as a whole). How would it look if the mayor of you city was rooting against you? It would be political suicide, not to mention just look plain ol' childish.... Besides, he has never ever backed down from proclaiming hes a Sox fan over a Cub fan. And he will throw out the first pitch at the world series .
  11. Actually, from what I know, when the Patio closes, someone from the Bertucci Family brings him up a meal every game...It's from pretty credible sources (my dad has been up there a few times with the both of them)....
  12. QUOTE(retro1983hat @ Jun 6, 2005 -> 02:51 PM) That quote actually seems right on the money. As the neighborhoods south of the city improve so will the attendance at the Cell. But the image of that area has had to fight through a lot in the past and many of the Sox fans do live in the suburbs. I would guess there are more Sox fans in a 2-square mile area in Arlington Heights than in the 2-square mile area currently around the Cell. (Long time reader, fisrt time poster.) That is a complete and utter insult to all of bridgeport We go to games religiously...(heck most of us have season tickets... But anyways, the area around here is booming. So much in fact, that a lot of the locals around here are getting priced out of their own neighborhood.....which I guess has its ups as well as downs; it stinks for me because I cant buy here, but it is a lot safer than it used to be. But to be honest its Bonzeville(on the east side of the express way) thats really changing. Right across the Dan Ryan from the Cell, a whole brand-new townhome/condo complexe is going up. Should be very nice, especially with the police station right there and the projects slowly going down. Viva Farnese!
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