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  1. RockRaines

    2019 Catch-All

    Hey all, good to see this place has continued to be busy since ive been gone. Been a long year, got hit by a drunk driver on my bike that probably should have been the end of me, but the rehab has been long but productive and here I am checking in on you idiots. Sox take the central next year and Ill be there to watch it. Hope everyone is good. Word of advice to anyone who gets seriously injured, take the rehab seriously with tunnel vision. Just this morning I ran 3 miles sub 9 min on a leg that was shattered earlier this year. Attack that shit
  2. Nope. Ive known since he was in HS that he wasnt made for primetime. They need to look for a QB stat. Dude just cannot process in the NFL quickly enough
  3. Unless the Yankees get real. We are even with philly
  4. It won’t be the money we lose on. And that’s all we can ask.
  5. I think we have equal offers and a more friendly and up and coming team. It’s up to him. I’d choose the Sox. But I’m biased as hell. If the money is the same why not choose the team I’d help lead on their way up.
  6. Regardless of what happens at least we know the Sox gave it a hell of a shot. The only thing they could do to win outright is offer way too much money. Personally I think We get him. I don’t think the Yankees are sold and I think we’ve done more than philly.
  7. Houston’s defense made bad calls all first half. It wasn’t all the line. Fangio won’t make the same mistake. He’s not gonna sit in cover two, in fact nobody ever should.
  8. I was just posting what I heard at dinner from a beat reporter. Nothing more. Nothing less. She seemed very confident.
  9. It’s possible. She works for them. But it seemed first hand.
  10. To me. Yes. I could be wrong. GG corner guy
  11. Eloy and Luis are corners to me. So why block them for five years? I just don’t get the Harper fit unless hes your future 1B
  12. I think they are doing all they can for Machado. Including acquiring his closest friend and brother in law.
  13. Every good bat the Sox have coming up are OFers
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