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  1. QUOTE(whitesoxfan101 @ Jul 5, 2007 -> 07:29 PM) A.J. is just awful right now, and also breaking a lot of bats in anger after hitting pop ups. I assumed that other day when he was just pathetic looking and flailing away that he was hungover, but this has been more of a constant lately. Wow, get hot Jermaine. Please.
  2. Oh the sleeping giant has awoken, but just as soon as they think they've put their time in, they will go right back to sleep. At least, that's been the theme thus far this season.
  3. QUOTE(fathom @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 03:28 PM) Santo, I saw you post this elsewhere, but I'm on the Willie Harris at 2nd base bandwagon for the Sox next year. You find a guy who can hit lefties that can platoon with him, and you have a perfect #9 hitter for the squad. He wouldn't cost much, and you could use your resources on guys at other positions. Maybe they look at this offensive personnel and bullpen personnel and realize how far they are away from competing again? Trust me, I understand, I read all the topics, it's just a crying shame. Offense + bullpen - competent starters isn't going to equal winning either though. I'm having a hard time coming to terms is all.
  4. Garland cruising! Shame he may not even be on this team much longer. How does this team not see what it has?
  5. QUOTE(santo=dorf @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 02:56 PM) I thought Ozzie was going to have Konerko wear the "captain" patch. I want to see it. He doesn't want it. And besides, I don't need to see a patch to know that he's going down with his ship.
  6. QUOTE(The Ginger Kid @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 02:01 PM) 7 pitch inning by Jon. anyone else think the cintron boot will be the difference in the game? I hope not, though I certainly wouldn't be surprised.
  7. QUOTE(MurcieOne @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:57 PM) Mike Hargrove doesnt enjoy baseball anymore.... and has quit as Manager of the Mariners.... winning must make him uncomfortable. Wow, crazy. Edit: Kinda makes you wish Walk's passion would begin to fade, eh?
  8. QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:54 PM) I'm watching the Cards game...holy s***, Percy came in and was throwing 94. Oh and Homer Bailey got lit up again. Sox didn't even consider him, did they? Seems like someone they'd be really interested in.
  9. QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:50 PM) Are you serious? He demanded an extension with a full NTC, though, so the deal fell through and he's back on the DL instead.
  10. QUOTE(GreenSox @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:47 PM) Maybe Cintron will get traded during the game...I wonder what else we'd have to send with Cintron to get someone to take him. Ozzie would veto any trade of cintron, however. Release Cintron now, trade Uribe now, and stick Dye in at SS, just like that wonderful day in Oakland a couple years back.
  11. QUOTE(fathom @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:43 PM) He looked to be walking gingerly heading back to the dugout after his deep fly ball. If he was a horse, he'd be put down by now. Well shucks, I was hoping for the housecleaning to begin. Soon enough I guess.
  12. QUOTE(fathom @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:40 PM) I still don't understand why Cintron is on this team. He's a terrible player. And Pods getting injured when hitting a fly ball is too funny. Do we know for a fact he was injured? I've not heard anything about that. Maybe he was traded?!?!
  13. QUOTE(South Side Fireworks Man @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:34 PM) Podsednik was just traded for Barry Bonds. Win-Win for both teams
  14. No Pods already? There goes our sparkplug! He must be missing Erstad.
  15. The Chicago White Sox is a good ol boys club, where friendship is more important than actually winning.
  16. If you're looking for popups and strikeouts, this is the team for you!!
  17. What do you think the payroll is for this team?
  18. Well, this inning just saved Walk's job for another year.
  19. Scotty Pods=DIFFERENCE MAKER! I was surprised Shields even threw that ball. 2-0! A-GON! 2 RUN JACK! 4-0!!
  20. Is there a way to make a backwards K on a keyboard? Just in case.
  21. QUOTE(soxchick1224 @ Jun 26, 2007 -> 07:05 PM) Can they please stop showing the wack job with the cow bell? Wouldn't he be better suited sitting on draystalk.com posting about how bad his team and park is? He is as annoying as that drum guy in Cleveland.
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