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  1. Longest offseason ever! I'm taking a half day tomorrow, this is a holiday that needs to be observed. I'm not ultra optimistic, but I'm happy because it's the start of the season, and anything can happen. After tomorrow, all bets are off.
  2. The last few years this game was blacked out (not last year) because of something to do with the Minnesota football game, but what was the exact reason?
  3. Kinda forgetting about Toby Hall, but at least he may actually be healthy and contribute next year. If he's here.
  4. This game may be the last of the year for me. This is no longer a major league team. September callups may make things slightly more interesting, seeing Gio and Egbert, but I doubt it. Pitiful. Of course I'll be watching tomorrow though.
  5. High picks don't mean a thing as long as Boras locks up the best players.
  6. 24-23 final score anyone? Or more like 24-8 Yanks.
  7. QUOTE(elrockinMT @ Aug 2, 2007 -> 01:30 PM) JG gives up a 7th hit and now it 8-5. What the heck is wrong here? 2007 White Sox playing to their potential. Nothing wrong, just status quo.
  8. A-Rod's gonna hit a grand slam to tie this thing, my crystal ball is telling me. Happy 500
  9. QUOTE(briguy27 @ Aug 2, 2007 -> 01:12 PM) Enjoy The Big A. Great stadium. I've been to 12 stadiums, and it's my 3rd favorite. That was my subquestion, though don't want to hijack the thread. How are the parks? It appears Dodger Stadium will be the low point, only because of its age. Petco looks sweet. Do I really need a Dodger Dog?
  10. QUOTE(Kalapse @ Aug 2, 2007 -> 01:05 PM) Lets be honest, the outcomes of these games just really don't matter anymore. It is an absolute JOKE that we're forced to watch completely useless AAAA pieces of s*** like Darin Erstad, Scott Podsednik and Alex Cintron. I truly hate the way this team is run. Yet here we are watching it. Thankfully, I'll be in L.A. this weekend going to some games (LA, San Diego, Anaheim) and will miss the weekend games. Of course, I'll still be scoreboard watching, probably watching that more than the game.
  11. Geez, ANY speed would be appreciated. I wonder how many RBIs are wasted by these guys?
  12. 8-0, wow. Wouldn't it have been nice if Clemens retired after walking off the field hurt in the World Series? Like a cockroach, though, he just won't die.
  13. Konerko double, 6-0! I was wondering why there was no game thread yet, but then I remembered the last two games.
  14. Any chance for Richar to be up tonight to start?
  15. It only gets better from here boys! Sit back, relax, and strap it down!
  16. QUOTE(RME JICO @ Jul 6, 2007 -> 01:54 PM) Man, I remember how excited everyone was when we picked up Hall. Is he still bothered by the injury? He has to be, I've thought that all along. And Owens continues to be the most worthless player ever too.
  17. Glad we're missing Santana this time around. Hopefully that'll make a difference.
  18. I hope the O continues to just wear down Oriole pitching tonight. Sure, 7 runs SHOULD be enough, but let's make it a laugher.
  19. This is Bizzaro world White Sox tonight. Enjoy it while it lasts. Go Thome!
  20. Way to go Iguchi! If him and Dye get and stay hot, we should get some nice returns.
  21. The stats say that AJ has thrown out 11 baserunners this year, but I don't think I've seen one of those. And I see pretty much every game.
  22. QUOTE(Dick Allen @ Jul 5, 2007 -> 07:37 PM) 5 runs in the first is pretty sweet. Don't stop now, the worst part of this game would be if we put goose eggs up the rest of the way.
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