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  1. QUOTE(briguy27 @ Aug 2, 2007 -> 01:12 PM)
    Enjoy The Big A. Great stadium. I've been to 12 stadiums, and it's my 3rd favorite.

    That was my subquestion, though don't want to hijack the thread. How are the parks? It appears Dodger Stadium will be the low point, only because of its age. Petco looks sweet. Do I really need a Dodger Dog?

  2. QUOTE(Kalapse @ Aug 2, 2007 -> 01:05 PM)
    Lets be honest, the outcomes of these games just really don't matter anymore. It is an absolute JOKE that we're forced to watch completely useless AAAA pieces of s*** like Darin Erstad, Scott Podsednik and Alex Cintron. I truly hate the way this team is run.

    Yet here we are watching it. Thankfully, I'll be in L.A. this weekend going to some games (LA, San Diego, Anaheim) and will miss the weekend games. Of course, I'll still be scoreboard watching, probably watching that more than the game.

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