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  1. QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Jun 26, 2007 -> 06:55 PM)
    Ozzie loves infielders playing the outfield. Especially CF.

    Well, it takes him about a year to figure out when someone can't play somewhere. Mack was left to die in center all last season, but have we seen him there this year? Of course not! Ozzie is a little slow, but hopefully Andy won't be out there next year.

  2. QUOTE(Purdue1906 @ Jun 24, 2007 -> 08:29 PM)
    Once again, the Cubbie fans are out of the woodworks. This is my simple response to a MySpace bulletin gloating about sweeping and winning the season series. Thought I'd share it for Cubs lurkers on SoxTalk. Have a nice evening.

    Congratu-f***in' lations. The Cubs won 5 of 6 this year from the Sox. Gloat, all you want, because it's the only thing you have to cheer about for that pathetic joke of an organization. All the money you spent this season and the damn BREWERS are 7 1/2 games ahead of you (coincidently, yet ANOTHER team that's actually won a pennant since the advent of the affordable automobile and the television). But let's get back to the facts. The Cubs:


    -STILL haven't WON a World Series since TEDDY ROOSEVELT was president (1908)


    -STILL WON A PENNANT and PLAYED in a World Series since the year WORLD WAR II ended (1945)


    From a strictly Chicago baseball standpoint, let's remember:


    -Responsible for the city's last two World Series appearances, the WHITE SOX (1959, 2005)


    -Responsible for the city's last World Series CHAMPIONSHIP, the WHITE SOX (2005)


    -Has a fan base where 90% of the people who claim to be "fans" or go to the ballpark AREN'T just doing because: a) it's trendy, B) to relive their college days as a Lambda Alpha Chi Omega Tau Rho Beta Whateverthef***, c) to get drunk, talk on their cell phone for 8 1/2 innings, then look at the field and go "Holy s***, there's a baseball game going on." d) look at the half dress, D&G sunglass wearing, Paris Hilton look-a-likes at the park for reasons A and B.

    So, in closing, congrats Cubs fans. I'm happy that the underachieving '07 White Sox could shine a ray on sunlight on your otherwise miserable team's very existence. See you at baseball playoff time, where you'll be in front of the TV, just like us White Sox fans....watching the Bears.


    Cubs fans are happy to win the battle; Sox fans want to the WIN THE WAR.

    Here here! There's no talking sense into those a**clowns though. Let them enjoy this, we have more important things to worry about.

  3. QUOTE(SoxFan1 @ Jun 24, 2007 -> 04:20 PM)
    This is the worst White Sox team I have seen in my lifetime.

    There's no question. It can never possibly be as bad as it is this year, even if you brought back everyone from this year. It's just a spiraling nightmare that gets worse, even when you think it can't.

  4. QUOTE(kageman129 @ Jun 21, 2007 -> 03:31 PM)
    You are damn right. There is no way Ozzie is giving up on the team. At least I would hope not. They need to just unload a few guys and try for next year. I wouldn't want anyone other than Guillen managing this ballclub . . .

    Not even Girardi, who just turned down the O's job?

  5. QUOTE(ROC Sox Fan @ May 21, 2007 -> 10:36 PM)
    How come once our offense finally shows up, our pen starts to crumble?

    Because we've been predicting this from the start of this offensive slide, but I think from the starters more than the bullpen. Our rotation is still surprisingly consistent.


    Hopefully things right themselves and we get on a serious roll, since it hasn't happened since mid 05.

  6. QUOTE(Gregory Pratt @ May 20, 2007 -> 01:39 PM)
    To be fair, he's only bad at calling games and throwing the ball. Otherwise he's very very good.


    Actually, I'll defend him. His weak spot is his arm. He's good at blocking and catching. He needs to get better at calling.

    Seems like he was calling great games in '05, what happened since? Same staff essentially. Lack of preparation?

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